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March 8, 2007

Follow up to AP report on Military Families Suffering

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AP tries again with welfare reform – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

AP determined that small towns in America have been hardest hit.  Some suffering half of all casualties.  These twons of course are isolated, poverty-striken mud holes where unsuspecting youth escape their msery by signing up for duty, only to have Bush send them off to die in Iraq.

John Kerry, (who served in Vitenam) – that great visionary said, “If they were smarter or had better options they would not be stuck in Iraq.”

Well, AP is once again at it with another analysis.  A report that a decade after welfare reform became law, the welfare state is bigger than ever.  According to AP, nearly 1 in 6 people rely on some form of public assistance – a larger share than at any time since the government started measuring two decades ago.

Actually the number of people getting cash handouts has plummeted since welfare reform.  But government programs such as Medicaid, Food stamps, disability benefits, they all but exploded terribly.

AP says that this proves the evil welfare reform bill, which heartless Republicans forced President Clinton to sing, really didn’t work.

Someone should tell that to Bill, he’s running all over the country saying his bill worked.

Anyway, the real analysis:  More people are off welfare and working.  Welfare reform is a huge success.  AP wants to argue next that we should reform government entitlements such as Medicaid, Food stamps and disability benefits.

I say, Bring It On!

Conservatism works every time its tried.

And that’s the memo


March 6, 2007

Swedish retailer IKEA has targeted American consumers for re-education

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IKEA criticizes Americans for using their plastic bags – that’s the subject for today’s Talking Points memo.

IKEA provides – they provide them – 70 million plastic bags very year to its US shoppers, el freebo. But now IKEA is scolding you for taking them! IKEA spokesperson Mona Astra Liss criticizes “the average American family of four” for throwing away 1,500 single use polyethylene bags, which don’t degrade for 1,000 years; less than 1 percent are recycled.” 

You Idiots! You stupid Americans!

So IKEA’s bag giveaway will stop.  Says Mona Astra: “Our objective is to get Americans to really think about the impact of the bags which are strangling the – – ”

Your giving them away!  What the hell is this?!

From now on, you stupid American enveiomental destroyers are going to have to pay a nickel a bag for the honor of shopping at IKEA outlets – and that’s that Steo One.  Next, after you dolts get your mind set right, IKEA will ban the bag altogether and you’ll have to bring your own cloth bags if you want to shop there.  When that blessed day arrives, fragile Mother erf – now choking on 100 million American plastic bags yearly in her land fills – will flourish!

Oh, by-the-way, the “18 seconds Movement” is growing.  That’s the campaign to make you idiots replace your planet-destroying incandescent light bulbs with “Earth-friendly” compact flourescents.  (18 seconds is the average time it takes to change a light bulb.)  The Energy Department, the EPA, Yahoo and Wal-Mart are joining forces with wacko light buld activists to shame you into changing your bulbs.

18 seconds to change a light bulb?  I thought that was what wives are for.

And that’s the memo.

March 4, 2007

Open Mouth and Insert Foot

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Two Democrats, two mouths and 4-feet in – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

 Senator Hillary Rodham-Rodham, the presumptive front runner.  Speaking in a historic black neighborhood in Florida, she lambasted President Bush’s ‘No Child Left Behind Act’ as doing too little to help minorities.

She then acknowledged that she is still searching for ways to raise minority students test scores.

Now, when she was Arkansas first lady, Mrs. Clinton overhauled that states education program, which sank to dead last in the nation.  Her husband had eight years in the White House, and his only educational achievement was oral lessons with interns.

President Bush test scores are up from minorities, yet she complains and with no plan in mind.

And she is supposed to be the smartest woman in America?

The newly elected governor of Ohio, Ted Strickland, recently said that he didn’t want to accomadate any Iraqi refugees in his state because that would bail out President Bush.

He has offerend a clairification:  “Well I’m sympathic to the plight of the innocent Iraqi people who have fled that country.  However I would not want to ask my state to accept a greater burden than they already have born for the Bush failed policies.”

So Governor Stickland’s clairification is just a bigoted and devoid of compassion, mean-spirited, politically jaundiced as his original marks.

But are we to accept anything more than pre-pubscent thinking or open hositility of Bush and the Iraqi people?

Democrats have nothing to offer this country but hate anyway.

And that’s the memo.

February 27, 2007

Media Commits Treason – Again

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Media’s latest attempt to undermine the war – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

According to an analysis, cooked up by the AP, nearly half of the 3,100 Military fatalities in Iraq have come from small towns with populations under 25,000.  In fact 1 in 5 hail from home towns less than 5,00

Which means there is a basic unfairness about the number of troops dieing in Iraq who are from rural areas.  This according to William O’Hare, a senior visiting fellow Univerity of New Hampshire Carrie Institute.

Of course poverty is the reason they join the military in the first place.  The Carrie Institute for Democrat Talking Points claims that diminished oppertunities are one factor in the higher military enlistment rates in rural areas.

In recent years 1.5 million rural workers lost their jobs due to changes in the industry, such as manufacturing, the traditionally employed rural workers.

No doubt due to Republican policies also, and as a result, according to Mr. O’Hare, rural ommunities are being asked to pay a bigger price for their military venture than their urban counter parts.

Translation:  Urban equates to Hicks.

The lengthy article goes on to compare Iraq to Vietnam and dive ito the grief of families of fallen troops.

Now, imagine this for a moment.  World War II.  Our troops in battle.  A media outlet attempting to pit Americans against each other and dimninishing the sacrifice of lost soldiers by lumping them into groups: Hicks vs. Sophisticated.

You can’t imagine it because it would have never happened, because back then the shared national objective was . . .


 And that’s the memo.

February 25, 2007

Bad News for the Iraq War

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Grave news concerning the war – in fact this may be the worse news ever – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

 American and Iraqi forces are cracking down in Baghdad; even as democrats here are trying to undermine the troop surge that President Bush as ordered.

Shiite militiamen, whi just weeks ago were openly roaming the streets, armed to the teeth, are in hiding, and have ditched their weapons.  Some have even left the city.

One of Mookhey Al-Sadar’s guys told the press that his gang have been given orders to stand down even if American and Iraqi forces impose tight security on the city.

This is no small matter.  Since Mookhey’s militia is considered one of the main obstacles to quelling the violence in Baghdad.

Mookehy himself, the Big Kouhonna of this gang, had reportedly fled to Iran.  Shiite officials have told the press that Mookhey’s guys want to avoid a battle so they can protect their political seats in the Iraqi government.

Wait.  There is more.

Iraq’s government has closed its borders with Iran and Sierra.  And despite Democrats claiming Iraqi’s are against the troops surge, their government is assuring Islamic nations that the surge and security plan underway will work.  That it will work and end the violence.

The war is not lost.  The Iraqis are optimistic.  The enemy is lfeeing.  This thing can be won!  All is not hopeless!

Which is horrible news for the Democrats – which is what I meant by “bad news for the Iraw war.”

And that’s the memo.

February 20, 2007

Democrats vote for U.S. Disgrace

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One way or another, Democrats are making sure everyone understands they want surrender in Iraq – That’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

After the Senate failed to pass a resolution, the anti-war house leadership acted.  Democrats are expected to pass a resolution by the end of the month denouncing the efforts to quell the violence in Iraq with additional troops.

Of course this is all political.  Despite the talk of a new bipartisan tone, Democrats want to embarras the president at every turn.

And of course they have to reward they their fringe kook-base; after first promising that republicans can offer their own resolution to ensure uninterrupted funding for the troops, Democrats backtracked clamiing they didn’t want their members confused by messay arguments.

Yea..confuse them by using the phrase “We Want To Defeat Terrorism!”  you know, that does sound confusing…if your a idiot.

Yes, Democrats want to clear up ambiguous resolution of surrender.  They don’t give a rats ass if this demoralizes the troops – that’s no surprise.  Democrats place politics first – national security last.

A tiger is a tiger.  Surrender monkeys are surrender monkeys.  Liberals are liberls – first and always.

And raising the whote flag to surrender to terrorism – claiming the United States of America; the most powerful nation in the world, can’t fight a bunch of coward terrorists is discraceful.

And you people who voted for them, voted for the discrace.  Congradulations.

 And that’s the memo.

February 15, 2007

Bush’s Budget Plan

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As soon as Bush submitted his budget plan, $2.9 trillion dollars of your money being taxed, Democrats started howling over your tax cuts – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

These are not net tax cuts, these are the same cuts the Democtats voted for during Bush’s first term, and they have b-i-tched about them ever since.

Senate Budget Committee Charman North Dakota Democrat Kent Conrad argued that the cuts will “cost” the government $2 trillion in lost revenue in over seven years if they are made . . that’s . . . that’s . . . that’s STUPID!  Just look at the revenues that are pouring in because of the tax cuts you idoit!

Anyway –

This memo can’t go on with the stupidity of what he is saying, so let me put it another way about what the Democrats are saying about Iraq:

The dozen or so presidental candidates are all over the map.  Some what us to surrender to the terrorists by 2007 and others by 2008.

Hillary Clinton, after first telling us she would be resented if the war wasn’t over by the time she wins the presidental office 9what makes her think she is going to win?  Does she think the voting machines will be rigged in her favor?  I need to follow up on that one) – now says that if the war isn’t over by 2009, she will snap her fingers and end it herself; probably by staring it to death.

But didn’t we already have an election?

Didn’t Democrats win Congress?

So what is all this wining about?  Democrats hold the power of the federal purse in their grubby litte hands.

Their in chage of legislation.

Now, if the Democrats hate the Bush tax cuts (historically they hate all tax cuts, the only think they love to do with taxes is raise them – taking money out of your pocket), they can legislate tax increases – something they are very good at.

Democrats hate the war, they can defund it.  Instead of wasting time on non-binding resolutions.

I mean, come on guys, grow up.  Show us you have the onions to lead; not just talk.

That’s what leadership is all about.  Ready for the task?

 And that’s the memo.

February 11, 2007

A Crisis of Conscience

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My fellow Americans, and anyone working in the land of the free illegally, I bring schoking news that can bring all of us to shame – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

 A new study from Havard and Miguel Universities found that we Americans spend everyday of our working lives without the full protections and benefits that are common in other wealthy nations.

America!  The land of oppertunity.  Lags far behind almost every other country of means when it comes to family oriented workplace policies.

How bad is it?

  • American fathers have no federal guarantee of paid paternity leave.  Fathers in 65 other countries do.
  • American mothers don’t have a federal right to breastfeed their babies at work.  Mothers in 100 other countries do.
  • 73 nations pay mothers while their breastfeeding.  While we don’t do that.

America, to our shame, has no federal law to guarantee sick days. But in 145 nations, paid sick days are the law of the land.  We only have that worthless Family Leave Act, which doesn’t cover very worker – especially illegal immigrants (thats Mexicans for you liberals and PC speakers)

Why America doesent even have a federal law spelling out a maximum work week.  But over 130 other countries do.

I don’t know about you, but this is depressing stuff.  I don’t even know if I can finish this memo.  I mean, here we are the world’s only superpower, and it turns out we work too may hours, we can’t taken enough paid leave, we make daddy’s adandon their newborns, and we stifle breastfeeding mommies; unlike other civilized socialist welfare countries.

What kind of people are we!?

And that’s the memo

February 5, 2007

The Change Light Bulb Act of California

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How many liberals does it take to screw a light bulb? – that’s the subject of today’s’ Talking Points memo.

The United Nations is about to release a report.  It’s not about terrorist, war or peace (as if the UN can tell the difference), its not about the stagnant socialist economies that have a strong hold on third-world nations.  It’s not even about curing AIDS in Africa.

What this long needed report is on – global warming.

Panting with anticipated breath, long before the report is released, the Eiffel Tower will go dark.  It’s 20,000 lights will be shut off to lower the temperature of the earth and help us all avoid the immanent threat of being fried to death by mother nature. 

But for only 5 minutes.

But lets not pick on the French.  We do have California where Democrat Assemblymen Lloyd Lavene  who has plans to introduce the ‘how many legislators does it take to change a light bulb act.’

Trust me, this is no joke.  I can’t make this stuff up.

The assemblyman wants a ban – a total ban on incandescent light bulbs in the entire state by 2012.

He says “. . . incandescent light bulbs were first developed almost 125 years ago, and since that time they have undergone no major modifications.  Meanwhile they remain incredibly inefficient; converting only about 5% of the energy they receive into light.”

Likeminded Senator Barbara Boxer recently swapped out all the incandescent light bulbs in her capital orifice – opps I mean offices.

Our world and the alternate world of California has genuine problems.  And what do we get from legislators who are supposed to be the best and the brightest? 

Panic over light bulbs – and two words come to mind here: 

Dim            wits.

And that’s the memo

February 3, 2007

The cup of hate spillith over for Hillary Clinton

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Why Hillary is Disliked – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

It was not too long ago that I asked why Senator Hillary Clinton would put herself through two years of personal attacks in her quest to be President.  Is it ambition, a thirst for power, or a belief that she can help Americans in unique ways?

There is no question that Mrs. Clinton will be viciously attacked in every way imaginable.  The stuff thrown at her will be malicious and unrelenting, designed to humiliate her and break her spirit.  This is common for any person running for the higest office in the land.  However, I have pointed out that the drive-by-media will be soft on Hillary, where Fox News and talk radio will not allow her to get away with anything.

Well, the rsponse to my question poured in like I was being drowned in a Katrina-like blog attack.  There was more than a little hate contained in those comments, and I’m curious about it.  What is it about Senator Clinton that causes so much animosity?

Statistically, about half the country doesn’t like Hillary Clinton.  Both a Fox News and a ABC New/Washington Post poll say the same thing:  44% of America dispaproves of Senator Clinton.  That is a very strong negative for any politican, particularly one that wants to be president.

But why?  Why do so many dispise this woman?

I posted that question on my blog site, and I am surprised the server didn’t shut down from the overload.  From Alaska to Miami, the beefs rolled in.  But in the end, they all fit into three seperate categories.

First, may women don’t like Hillary because they believe she made a deal with her husband.  That is, she’d stand by him and ignore his affairs in return for his help in her politicallife.  The ladies who write don’t like that alleged deal at all.

Second, may men object to her leftist ideology.  They see the Senator as a big government liberal who lives large herself, but wants to impose high taxation on those who are living the American dream.

And finally, some of the comments see Hillary as a cold, calculating woman with a sense of entitlement.  There was anger that she rarely sits of rtough interviews and speaks in generalities about important subjects, auch as the war on terror.

On one level, I understand all of those opinions and agree with them on the whole, but they don’t rise, at least for me, to the hatred level.  I reserve that spot for people such as Saddam and Fidel Castro.  But there is no question that hatred towards some American politicans like President Bush and Hillary Clinton is becoming an obsession for some people.  An unhealthy obsession, in my opinion.  I don’t like the ideology of Nancy Pelosi, but to say I hate the woman – no.  She and I just disagree on what is best for America, and the best course to take to change what needs to be changed.

Much of the bitterness can be laid at the doorstep of an increasingly ideological and irresponsible mainstream media which reports rumor, propaganda, and outright slander on a regular basis.  So does the Internet and cable TV.  Some talkradio, especially Air America and PBS definitely fall into that category.  Unfortunately, many people believe what they read and hear 24/7, especially if it fits their political disposition.  Thus, it is easy to demonize people these days, it is easy to sell loathing.

This is course huts America because many decent brilliant people will not enter the brutal world of elective politics.  For those who do, there will be pain.  But to some, like Hillary Clinton, the sought-after gain is apparently worth it.

Hillary can be stopped – ans it doesn’t have to be by lowering our standards to the far left liberal extreme base who despise and hates President Bush and will stop at nothing to do so.  It can be done by pointing out her lies, her double-talk and what she really stands for.

And that’s the memo.

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