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April 9, 2007

News From the War Front

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Good News for America = Bad News for Liberals – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points  memo.

 Even as Democrats push another round of resolutions demanding our President get the hell out of Iraq and surrender to the terrorists, we are getting good news coming in from the war front.

  • Bombing deaths have dropped 30%
  • Execution style slayings are down by 50%
  • Illegal terrorist check points where gunman kidnapped innocent civilians and subjected them to torture and execution – all but gone.
  • We’ve captured weapons and destroyed weapon factories
  • Moki Asadar held up in Iran still – the threaten blood confrontation with his renegade army never materalized.
  • U.S. military casualties have dropped significantly
  • In Baghdad, signs of restored order are abound.  People are out shopping.  A lot of concumerism going on out there.

All this before the troop surge is fully gotten underway.  One local resident said that people are very optimistic because they sense a developement.

No, pardon me for noticing, but not all of the comports with the high level military analysis we were given by “general” Pelosi’s Defeat planners.

No, no, we were told in no uncertain terms aol military options were useless.  No matter how brave or how willing, the maerican military couldn’t get the job done.

Sending more troops, why that would only worsent the situation.

The only solution to the Iraq quagmire were talks with the terrorists and that “pull out” now thing.

Well, it seems like the premature pull out crowd shout our their….ummm…mouths off a little too early again.

The door of victory is still open and poised to smake the Democrats right in the nose as it always does.

And that’s the memo.


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  1. Just found your site while checking in at DrakeParagon. I, too, am a fellow Brooklynite born and raised (Bed-Stuy/East New York); As well as a Yankee fan (circa 1973). All time favorite Yankees: Sparky Lyle, Thurman Munson, Reggie Jackson and…Greg Nettles. I have always been intrigued about sailing since high school and have recently caught the sailing bug pandemically. Searching for the way out to sea, as Joshua Slocum said succinctly, yet eloquently; ” I was born in the breezes”. Hemispheres is a beautiful boat, congratulations. I, myself, am looking at a Hylas 46 or a Brewer 44. Anyway, just wanted to reach out and say, “Ahoy, Mate!”; will be following, as I am really appreciative that a fellow brother is out there living the dream and inspiring me to press on. Come on

    Comment by arnoldhumphrey7204 — April 8, 2016 @ 10:41 am | Reply

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