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April 3, 2007

Figuring Out Where Absurdity Starts and Anger Begins

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Where liberals dominate its sometimes hard to measure where absurdity starts and where outrage begins.  But this story is easily categorized as outrageous even in California where liberalis is the state religion – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

Scotts Valley Public School officals are charging parents a $36 dollar fee for every day their child is not in school.

The fee covers money that the district looses under a state wide formula that dolls out money to schools based on attendance.  The officals assume that the parents keep their kids out of school on purpose.

A letter asking parents to pay the new fee begins this way:  “Are the ski sloops calling?  Is the beach beckoning?  Are you taking your kids to Disneyland in midweek to avoid the crowds?  If so we encourage you to reconsider.  When your child misses school there are consequences for the student and the district.”

And they don’t care about the student.

Even though this fee does not have the force of law, within the first two weeks the district collected more than $2,000 dollars form saps – opps I mean parents.

Now, you would think that with education spending taking half of California’s $66 Billion dollar budget that these educators would be loath to stick out their little grubby hands to demand more money from the tax payers.

But we’re talking about the most ultra-liberals in LiberalLand.

Liberal educators are so greedy that they have onions growing on their onions.

Now, for those California suckers – umm, parents, who willingly open their wallets to this swindle:  I’ve often wondered who is domb enough to fall for those email scams from Nigeria that we all get.  Well now we know.  Send them to California!

And that’s the memo.


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