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March 20, 2007

Jack Murtha on Meet the Press

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Last week anti-war leader Jack Murtha appeared on “Meet-the-Depressed” to rehash Democrat defeatism – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

After insisting that Iraq is really a civil war, Congressman Murtha said “al Qaeda will be taken care of by the iraqis because there are only two-thousand al Qaeda in Iraq,” implying that we can’t handle two-thousand of the enemy.

Well, let’s say there are only two-thousand terrorists on the ground.  How many al Qaeda did it take to kill 3,000 Americans here?  It was 19 my friends.

So were going to leave 2,000 al Qaeda hanging around for the Iraqis to take care of?  Even though the Democrats complain the Iraiqis are not capable of defending their own country.

“Out military is incapable of winning in iraq,” Murtha said.  And then he said the troops would be better redeployed – no get this – because China and Iran are the real threats.  We are to believe our military, which cannot win in Iraq, can’t beat 2,000 al Qaeda, should surrender in case we have to fight China or Iran?!

That’s nuts.

Speaking of nuts, Murtha said, “the Democrats had a psychologist come in before the committee before the herring.”  The shrink testified that four months in intensive combat is too much.  The troops, according to the shrink, can’t stand this – this is too much on them.

He said were going to have all kinds of psychological problems and emotional problems when they come home.

Or their going to have the,.  We’re going to have them.

Any wonder why liberals want us to surrender?  They believe the U.S. military can’t take four months in combat.  It’s amazing we ever won a war given our armed forces fragile emotional state.

Democrats are the ones who need a shrink, and I don’t even think that will help.

And that’s the memo.


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