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March 17, 2007

Mickey Mouse sticks it to the Little Guy

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Disney sues Anaheim over new housing development near park – that’s the subjecy of today’s Talking Point’s memo.

Big congradulations to the Walt Disney cooperation who also owns ABC News.  And special congradulations to Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell, whose leadership of Disney’s cooperation directors speaks volumes.

About 2 weeks ago the company announced it was planning two major expansions. By years end work can begin on a 900 acre luxury resort at Disney World in Florida.  The project includes a new 4- seasions hotel, an 18-hole golf course and luxury vacation homes.

Then over the next 10 years Disney, proud owner of ABC News, will build a prdestrain-friendly development the size of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, with stores and resturants.

All this is great.

But along with Disney’s expansion announcement comes other news.

The Walt Disney company is suing Anaheim California over a city plan to build low cost housing near Disneyland.  Including 225 rental units for lower income families.  You know wriff-raff.

Disney’s message:  Hell No!  They have to go!

George Mitchell’s company says lower income residents will be out of place in a district designed for tourists.

Instead Disney says the 26 acres should be developed as an up-scale Hotel-Condo project.

Explains Disney spokesman:  “The law suit speaks how important how we view this Anaheim resort area, and that we make sure the vision sticks.”

So they are sticking it to the little guy.  You low income people, yes save your money for a trip to Disneylad, but don’t even think about living near Disney.

That’s leadership George.  Just like those people in Marin County San Francisco; Mickey Mouse way to look out for the little guy.

And that’s the memo.


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