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March 12, 2007

It’s the ‘Catch the Illegal Immigrant’ game!

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Democrats are appalled with a game that college campus Republican students are playing – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Point’s memo.

Romona Martinez is the chairman of the Democratic National Cacus.  She and Howard Dean, the DNC leader, sent a very angry letter to the Republican National Committee demanding they stop a student group.

Democrats are furious about a game concocted by the Independent College Republicans called “Catach an Illegal Immigrant.”  It’s a variation of hide-n-seak.  One player takes the role of the illegal immigrant and everybody else tries to find the person.  The winner gets a prize.

A very popular game.

The DNC complained that several hundred students played the game at NYU – in the heart of liberalism.  “These despicable tactics have no place in our public discourse or on our campuses,” said the DNC letter.

I don’t understand why they are so angry.  After all the Republican students are after all using the term ‘illegal immigran’ not ailean.  Is that not what liberals use?  Immigrant?

One monor detail:  These college Republicans have no affiliation with the RNC, the Republican party cannot tell them what to do.  But an RNC spokes-babe joined the winning, “Yes we find these activities both agressive and offensive. . . blah, balgh, blagh, blagh.. . .”

What she should have said is that for years Democrats have had no problem for despicable, liberal discourse on college campus.  When lefty students demanded an end to military resruiting on campus, Democrats were quiet.  When professors blamed 9/11 on Jews and required course work, Democrats were quiet.  Whenever Democrats sponsor anti-Bush ralies or anti-war speaches on campus, or say other military hate speech, Democrats applauded.

Now they want to censor free speech prompted by political failure to control illegal immigration.

Le’ts start a new game:  “Catch the Liberal!”  Contestants will have many to choose from.

 And that’s the memo.


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