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February 27, 2007

Media Commits Treason – Again

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Media’s latest attempt to undermine the war – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

According to an analysis, cooked up by the AP, nearly half of the 3,100 Military fatalities in Iraq have come from small towns with populations under 25,000.  In fact 1 in 5 hail from home towns less than 5,00

Which means there is a basic unfairness about the number of troops dieing in Iraq who are from rural areas.  This according to William O’Hare, a senior visiting fellow Univerity of New Hampshire Carrie Institute.

Of course poverty is the reason they join the military in the first place.  The Carrie Institute for Democrat Talking Points claims that diminished oppertunities are one factor in the higher military enlistment rates in rural areas.

In recent years 1.5 million rural workers lost their jobs due to changes in the industry, such as manufacturing, the traditionally employed rural workers.

No doubt due to Republican policies also, and as a result, according to Mr. O’Hare, rural ommunities are being asked to pay a bigger price for their military venture than their urban counter parts.

Translation:  Urban equates to Hicks.

The lengthy article goes on to compare Iraq to Vietnam and dive ito the grief of families of fallen troops.

Now, imagine this for a moment.  World War II.  Our troops in battle.  A media outlet attempting to pit Americans against each other and dimninishing the sacrifice of lost soldiers by lumping them into groups: Hicks vs. Sophisticated.

You can’t imagine it because it would have never happened, because back then the shared national objective was . . .


 And that’s the memo.


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