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February 25, 2007

Bad News for the Iraq War

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Grave news concerning the war – in fact this may be the worse news ever – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

 American and Iraqi forces are cracking down in Baghdad; even as democrats here are trying to undermine the troop surge that President Bush as ordered.

Shiite militiamen, whi just weeks ago were openly roaming the streets, armed to the teeth, are in hiding, and have ditched their weapons.  Some have even left the city.

One of Mookhey Al-Sadar’s guys told the press that his gang have been given orders to stand down even if American and Iraqi forces impose tight security on the city.

This is no small matter.  Since Mookhey’s militia is considered one of the main obstacles to quelling the violence in Baghdad.

Mookehy himself, the Big Kouhonna of this gang, had reportedly fled to Iran.  Shiite officials have told the press that Mookhey’s guys want to avoid a battle so they can protect their political seats in the Iraqi government.

Wait.  There is more.

Iraq’s government has closed its borders with Iran and Sierra.  And despite Democrats claiming Iraqi’s are against the troops surge, their government is assuring Islamic nations that the surge and security plan underway will work.  That it will work and end the violence.

The war is not lost.  The Iraqis are optimistic.  The enemy is lfeeing.  This thing can be won!  All is not hopeless!

Which is horrible news for the Democrats – which is what I meant by “bad news for the Iraw war.”

And that’s the memo.


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