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February 20, 2007

Democrats vote for U.S. Disgrace

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One way or another, Democrats are making sure everyone understands they want surrender in Iraq – That’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

After the Senate failed to pass a resolution, the anti-war house leadership acted.  Democrats are expected to pass a resolution by the end of the month denouncing the efforts to quell the violence in Iraq with additional troops.

Of course this is all political.  Despite the talk of a new bipartisan tone, Democrats want to embarras the president at every turn.

And of course they have to reward they their fringe kook-base; after first promising that republicans can offer their own resolution to ensure uninterrupted funding for the troops, Democrats backtracked clamiing they didn’t want their members confused by messay arguments.

Yea..confuse them by using the phrase “We Want To Defeat Terrorism!”  you know, that does sound confusing…if your a idiot.

Yes, Democrats want to clear up ambiguous resolution of surrender.  They don’t give a rats ass if this demoralizes the troops – that’s no surprise.  Democrats place politics first – national security last.

A tiger is a tiger.  Surrender monkeys are surrender monkeys.  Liberals are liberls – first and always.

And raising the whote flag to surrender to terrorism – claiming the United States of America; the most powerful nation in the world, can’t fight a bunch of coward terrorists is discraceful.

And you people who voted for them, voted for the discrace.  Congradulations.

 And that’s the memo.


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