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February 15, 2007

Bush’s Budget Plan

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As soon as Bush submitted his budget plan, $2.9 trillion dollars of your money being taxed, Democrats started howling over your tax cuts – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

These are not net tax cuts, these are the same cuts the Democtats voted for during Bush’s first term, and they have b-i-tched about them ever since.

Senate Budget Committee Charman North Dakota Democrat Kent Conrad argued that the cuts will “cost” the government $2 trillion in lost revenue in over seven years if they are made . . that’s . . . that’s . . . that’s STUPID!  Just look at the revenues that are pouring in because of the tax cuts you idoit!

Anyway –

This memo can’t go on with the stupidity of what he is saying, so let me put it another way about what the Democrats are saying about Iraq:

The dozen or so presidental candidates are all over the map.  Some what us to surrender to the terrorists by 2007 and others by 2008.

Hillary Clinton, after first telling us she would be resented if the war wasn’t over by the time she wins the presidental office 9what makes her think she is going to win?  Does she think the voting machines will be rigged in her favor?  I need to follow up on that one) – now says that if the war isn’t over by 2009, she will snap her fingers and end it herself; probably by staring it to death.

But didn’t we already have an election?

Didn’t Democrats win Congress?

So what is all this wining about?  Democrats hold the power of the federal purse in their grubby litte hands.

Their in chage of legislation.

Now, if the Democrats hate the Bush tax cuts (historically they hate all tax cuts, the only think they love to do with taxes is raise them – taking money out of your pocket), they can legislate tax increases – something they are very good at.

Democrats hate the war, they can defund it.  Instead of wasting time on non-binding resolutions.

I mean, come on guys, grow up.  Show us you have the onions to lead; not just talk.

That’s what leadership is all about.  Ready for the task?

 And that’s the memo.


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