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January 18, 2007

Nancy Pelosi’s First 100 Hours

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Nancy (the Queen-Bee) Pelosi and her fellow Democrats have written a bill that supposedly addresses the 9-11 Commission recommendations that have not become law – that’s that subject of today’s Talking Point’s memo.

 Despite Democrat’s promise to restore fiscal sanity to Washington by implementing pay-go (pay as you go) policies, their 9-11 mandate implements expensive government action without mentioning cost or detaling how it will be paid for.  Estimated cost begins at $53 Billion.

That’s more than “The Fence” to keep illegals out.

Using technology that yet does not exist, we’re going to examine every container in every port for threats.

How will this be done without bringing business at every port to a complete standstill and costing thousands of jobs is unknown.

But wait, they kicked it up another notch!

Under this Democrat National Security law, airport screeners will be granted collective bargaining rights, including the right to strike!

So expanding union membership and giving those unions leverage over the nations air travel system – that passes for National Security?!

Pelosi’s Democrats completely ignored the 9-11 Commission call to overhall its own house, cut the redundancy and red tape, because that would require Democrats to give up some of their newly acquired power.

Well, you people wanted them.  Those of you who were mad at the Republicans and voted Democrate – well you got them.

And now we have symbolism over security.

And that’s the memo.


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