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January 16, 2007

The Wisdom of the Founding Fathers.

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The President has seen his political party lose both legislative houses, and now presides over a divided government – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo. 

Polls are over whelming against him.  Especially over his handling of Iraq.   

Powerful media outlets have used their influence to undermine this presidents policies at every turn, and to relentlessly paint the war as a hopeless cause.

 Some in the media have gone so far as to publish classified material; revealing national security secrets to Americas enemies. 

Some have doctored war photos. 

Some have even aired enemy video footage of our soldiers being assonated by snipers; propaganda footage they acquired in collaboration with the enemy. 

Some federal judges have overstepped their constitutional rolls to confer U.S. Constitutional rights on foreign terrorists. 

Judges have hampered our nations ability to spy on foreign terrorists who communicate with their contacts imbedded in this country. 

Now, in the opening stages of the 2008 Presidential Campaign, politicians;  on both sides of the isle, have spurned our most vital national security objective; and that is winning the war on terror. 

Instead, they had opted to pander to those weaken Americans who are inclined to cut-and-run. 

Faced with all the adversities, men with lesser character would choose the path of bending the public opinion.  But this president insists that America will prevail in this difficult war. 

It is no accident that the power in the Commander and Chief over our military is invested in one person – the President. 

Once again the wisdom of our Founding Fathers is what stands between us and disaster.  

And that’s the memo.


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