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January 11, 2007

NEWS FLASH! Human Stem Cells are Present in Ammonic Fluid

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This week we got a block-buster announcement from medical research:  Human Stem cells are present in ammonic fluid – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

For those of you who graduated from public school, ammonic fluid is the liquid that surrounds babies in the womb.

Ammonic stem cells hold great promise.  In the lab they are used to create muscle, bone, fat, blood vessels, nerve and liver cells. These ammonic stem cells, along with cells from the placenta, may be as potent as embryonic stem cells. 

Even more important they can be generated without destroying life.

(shhhh. don’t tell that Nancy Peloci)

Dr. Anthony Atala at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine, who lead the seven year study, said “our hope is that these cells will provide a valuable resource for tissue repair and for engineered organs as well.”

Well, this did not set well with Liberals.  Democrat Senator Tom Harkin sponsored a bill to allow harvesting embryonic stem cells, called it cruel to raise expatiations that stem cells that derive from ammonic fluid carry the same promise as embryonic stem cells.

Cruel?!  Contradicting the doctor who actually did the study, Harkin claims that the new report offers no evidence that ammonic stem cells has as much potential as embryonic stem cells.

As Senator Harkins’ cruel response proves to liberals, the stem cell debate has never been about medicine or curing diseases; its all about preserving abortions.

We have heard from liberals who are not doctors but play one on TV.  Next up the Hollywood crowd will no doubt share their medical views on this.

Right, Mr. Fox?

And that’s the memo.


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