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January 10, 2007

Banning DDT Declared a Mistake

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The Wall Street Journal reports that the World Health Organization plans to admit that current malaria fighting methods have failed – That’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

The mosquito born disease infects half a billion people every year.  Over 1 million of them die.  The majority of the dead are under age 5 from sub- Sahara Africa.

So the WHO plans to encourage using DDT.  The highly effective pesticide currently banned in most of the world.

Robert Miller, in an article with a British on-line publication, described the founder of the modern ecological movement, Rachel Carson as a evil person.  Her 1963 book ‘Silent Spring’ lead to the international ban on DDT.

Her claims on DDT caused wide spread ecological disaster were later disproved.  One of the myths was that DDT caused bird eggs to break before they hatched.  It turns out phenomenon existed pre-DDT.

Within just 5-years of banning DDT, wrote Miller, the number of malaria in Sri Lanka had risen from 17 cases back up to ½ million.  African nations spend about 40% of their health-care dollars fighting malaria.  And many were threaten with trade sanctions by the west if they use DDT.

Let’s run the numbers:  At least 43 million people, mostly black kids, have needlessly died since DDT was banned, based on flagrant claims from 1 environmentalist wacko. 

The impact on third-world economies is incalculable.

And its not over reaching to call this exactly what it is:

Liberal Genocide! 

And that’s the memo.


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