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December 26, 2006

Enviromental Wacko’s get theirs

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Table turns on environmentalists – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

 At great ideological battle of our times is taking place over a little patch of land.  About five years ago the environmentalist wackos picked a fight with off-road drivers who enjoyed riding their vehicles in Surprise Canyon which lies near Death Valley. 

A successful mining town once operated in the canyon, which is home to a waterfall and a lively water stream.  So the wackos sued and they won; and the canyon was declared off limits to off-road vehicles. 

Think that’s the end of the story?  Nope. 

Eighty or so of the off-riders began to purchase small partials of land around the top of the canyon; and they are suing the Federal Government for access to their land.  The foundation of their argument is a Civil War era mining law, putting the rights of the feds behind public access rights of local governments and private individuals. 

Well, the wackos are livid!  They are demanding to be allowed to intervene in the off-roaders lawsuit claiming the canyon will be destroyed if the property owners prevail. 

Its going to be years before this is settled – but its being watched closely. The fate if thousands of acres of land, in the west, declared off-limits by over zealous liberals may hang in the balance. 

Win or lose, those of you who are off-roaders – you are fighting a good fight.  You did not lay down and get run over (no pun) by these wackos – you used their favorite weapon – the courts (who are probably run by liberal judges) to give them a surprise that they will never forget, which I say, YES! 

And that’s the memo 
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