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November 23, 2006

Here they come

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Emboldened by the Democratic victory earlier this month, the far-left is rising like Dracula at midnight – That’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

Just days after the vote, the San Francisco Board of Education voted to ban Junior ROTC in the city’s high schools, tossing more than 1,600 students out of those clubs. The Massachusetts legislature refused to allow a vote on gay marriage, even though more than 170,000 Bay State voters signed a petition demanding to be heard on the subject, and a Vermont press group honored Judge Edward Cashman, the guy who sentenced a brutal child molester to 60 days in jail.

Don’t kid yourself; the liberal Democrats are bent on radically changing America.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom told the press he was glad the Board of Education waited until after the election because “cheap-shot conservative and Fox News would have exploited (the vote).”

Not exploited, mayor, reported. The term “San Francisco values” was coined by many journalists and well understand they have little to do with democracy. How nutty is the San Francisco Board of Ed? We’re fighting a lethal worldwide terror movement and these people are telling high school students the U.S. military is bad, that’s how nutty.

By the way, the ACLU is MIA in the JROTC controversy. Can you imagine what would have happened if the Board of Ed had banned a gay high school club? S.F. values strike again.

The far-left in Massachusetts is almost as bad. Gay marriage was imposed in the Commonwealth by three judges who found a loophole in the state Constitution. Marriage was not expressly defined as between a man and a woman. Presto, traditional marriage has company.

But my question is this: If marriage is a Constitutional right, which it is not, why can’t polygamists get legal? How about triads? Why can’t you marry your mom? What about Polyamerous?

If one alternative lifestyle, homosexuality, is granted license to marry, you have to include other alternative lifestyles as well. That’s equal protection under the law, is it not?

But liberals don’t care about the Constitution. It wants a brand new America where the people don’t call the shots—the “enlightened” minority sets the agenda.

So get ready for more of this kind of thing. The state of Vermont has already left the building. It elected Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed socialist, as junior Senator. Compared to Sanders, Patrick Leahy, the other Vermont Senator, is Dick Cheney.

By the way, in case you went to public school, a socialist is someone who believes the government has a right to seize private property and do whatever it wants with it. Apparently, Vermonters are down with that, as well as with judges who give child predators the same amount of jail time as bar brawlers. This is the first secular-progressive state to drop all pretense and declare itself Havana-friendly. Wait, that might not be fair. Even Fidel harshly punishes child rapists.

If you think I’m exaggerating, you’re wrong. The far-left feels liberated, (no pun) and it sees daylight. Expect these people to make a strong power run, led by liberal mom Nancy Pelosi, the new Speaker of the House.

Let’s recap: No tolerance for the military, no voting on controversial issues, and let’s ease up on those adults sexually brutalizing children. Welcome to the land of the secular-progressive. Have a nice day.

And that’s the memo


November 21, 2006

Tiller the Baby Killer

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There is something terrible going on in Kansas – that’s the subject of todays Talking Points memo.

A doctor named George Tiller is performing hundreds, perhaps thousands, of late-term abortions using a variety of medical reasons, including the depression of the mother.

 In Kansas, there is a mental health exception which allows an abortionist to terminate a fetus at any time up until birth.  The exception is vaque, and so is Tiller’s oft-used depression diagnosis, according to documents currently under investigation by Kansas authorites.  So the deal is this:  If you want to walk away from your pregnancy at any time, just contact Dr. Tiller, he’ll help you out.

But only if you have at least $5,000.  The doctor, known as “Tiller the baby Killer” among some people who objected to his practice, lays it all out on his website  He’ll terminate your baby, and even cremate it for you if you wish.  He’s one-stop baby killing shop.  Nancy Peloci would be proud.

According to published reports, Tiller injects the fetus with poison while in the womb, removes it and disposes of the body.  While it’s true that sometimes (sometimes) a mother’s health is severely impacted in late term, most doctors afree this is rare.  Babies can now live after 22 weeks when removed by C-section.  Late term abortions are almost never necessary.

Unless the mother wants out, that is.  And that’s what some people believe Tiller is doing – terminating viable, healthy babies because the mother simply doesn’t want the child.

While the American media wails about illegal human rights violations at Guantanamo Bay, champions fetal stem cell research in the name of compassion, and hollers aplenty at the atrocities in Darfur, the press is largely ignoring the Tiller story, with the exception of the Los Angeles Times.  It has glorified Tiller.

An article by Times reporter Stephanie Simon focused on Tiller terminating babies who are seriously ill.  Ms Simon makes no mention of the “despression factor.”  She does, however, report that Tiller is aborting Down Syndrome babies which, when you think about it, is kind of chilling.

George Tiller can do what he is doing because of the ultra-liberal views in this country and in Kansas over a woman’s right to abort (murder) unborn children.  And now that the Democrats and nanci Pelosi (who is in favor of more aborton (baby killing) clinics and is an advocate of a woman to be allowed to abort for any reason) have gotten their birth-right (wonder how that didn’t get aborted) of power back – what George Tiller is doing may well become the norm all of ther United States.

You see, liberals feel that is the mom is feeling a bit blue on Tuesday and carries a certified check, she should be free to terminate the baby.  Is that what the Founding Fathers has in mind when they created the Constitution?

I don’t think so.  But the L.A. And New York Times thinks so – and so to the liberals.  Just this week the New York Times, whose editorial writers worship at the alter of abortion, called the investigation into Tiller’s gruesome practice a “gross assault on privacy and legal rights.”  You see, to the Times editorial board, no baby in the womb deserves any protection at any time.  It’s all under the liberal banner of “reproductive rights.”

The cut-and-run Democrats, who give more rights to terrorists, alot them the right to the Geneva Convention and are against the President to condut survelience of known terrorist phone calls to protect the lives of Americans – give more rights to them than to babies.

But that’s the truth.

And that’s the memo.

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