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October 20, 2006

ABC Scoop

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ABC Foley Scoop Shows Web Tips Change Media Game  That’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

Yes, experts now claim the anonymous tips that ABC used to break the Foley story represent a journalistic turning point.  “A new model for news gathering as TV outlets embrace the internet.”

ABC News President David Westin told reporters ‘there is a place for true citizen journalists to write in with tips that we should peruse anonymously.  There are more stories out there’, he continued ‘…that can be covered, and perhaps disserve to be covered, than any organization has the resources to recover.”

Robert Thompson, Syracuse  media Professor added, “This marks one of those watershed periods where you can use the internet to cast an enormous net for people who may have information.” 

They hated the internet when it was used to get Clinton – they love the internet now that they got Foley.

First we know that ABC had these supposed anonymous tips for months but they held on to them to use close to the election. There is a stunning lack of curiosity by the entire drive-by-media about exactly how the tips got to ABC News.  We still don’t know.

Second: Tips over the internet are not new.  When Matt Drudge broke the Clinton / Lewinsky story he was vilified as a dangerous gossip by these same drive-by-type that now all of a sudden love the internet.

As far as the stories that need to be covered by the drive-by-media that aren’t or were not, how about Juanita Broderick, Kathleen Willey, Swift-boat Veterans for Truth, just for starters.

I’m sorry for throwing cold water on your drive-by-media-self-congratulatory-view Mr. Weston, but this is just a bunch of phony-bologna.

 And that’s the memo.


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