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October 18, 2006

National Labor Relations Board Makes a Ruling

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Thanks to a ruling form the nations labor relation boards, some of us just got promoted – but liberals are fighting it – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo. 

Nurses, currently assigned the task of supervising work shifts, will be now considered ‘Supervisors.’ 

I know that at first look, this does seem to be a difficult concept to grasp.  And once more, in other instances, the amount of time a particular worker supervising will determine if they are Supervisors or not, also.

 Now you would not think this ruling would cause controversy. After all, aren’t people who always supervise – Supervisors? 

Of course they are. 

But.  Members of the liberal establishment flew into a 5-alarm historical rage. Why? Because Supervisors are exempt from big labor protection under the law.   

AFL-CIO President John Sweeny, claimed the decision ‘invites employers to strip millions of workers their right to have a union by reclassifying them as Supervisors in name only.’ 

Anna Burger – in the ‘Name to Change Federation,’ called it ‘another example of the Bush Administrations distain of the right of working women.’ (Notice how men were not included in that quote)  Of course Ted (The Swimmer) Kennedy, joined in, along with Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton, to harshly condemn the ruling. 

Now, normally when people are ‘moving on up to that deluxe apartment in the sky,’ there’s cause to celebrate. But leave it to liberals to be against this commonsense ruling, because it properly measures achievement and personal responsibilities.   

So instead of celebrating, their sniffing the sulphur.  

In their minds, the ruling might as well have comes from El Diablo –  to them, that’s George Bush, by the way. 

And that’s the memo.


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