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October 15, 2006

To Loose or Not Loose Your Cool

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Is it cool to loose your cool, now that Clinton lost his on Fox News?  – That’s the subject of today’s talking points memo. 

Years ago, a certain president wagged his long bony finger in America’s face and told us he did not have sex with that woman. 

Latter, he promised to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, to a Federal Grand Jury, and then he lied under oath.

 The former presidents skills were so finely honed, that a senator in his own party described him as an “exceptionally good liar.” 

The drive-by-media ran a series of stories claiming that everybody lies – lying is an important social skill – lying is good.  

So no surprise in an article by the ap writer Jocelyn Novak with this headline: ‘Experts say Public Anger can be Refreshing.’  Her lead paragraph reads: ‘is it cool to loose your cool?’  That’s one of the questions of the week as we evaluate and re-evaluate Bill Clinton’s finger pointing, knee poking interview with Chris Wallace on fox. 

She then asks, ‘Can public anger in politics, business and elsewhere, be a good thing?’ Is a ‘little tantrum now and then just what’s called for?’ That answer:  Under the right circumstances – Yes!  Say some analysis of Social Behavior. 

Now I think you get the point.  If their hero lies – then lying is good.  If he flies into a purple rage, purple rages are good. These same drive-by types gave us stories about the power crackling from Clinton’s genes and the secret desires women harbored as they dreamed of Bill in the night. 

These are not journalists. Their sicko-groopies – and I did not loose my cool in this memo.


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