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October 14, 2006

The Door in The Face

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Clintons oversight on his National Security Strategy comes out – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo

They were busy packing their belongings – and some that didn’t belong to them, on their way out of the White House; the Clinton Administration found time to send a 45,000 word report over to Congress. 

The December 2002 document – a “National Security Strategy for a Global Age”, was Clintons final policy paper on National Security.

According to a April 2004 Washington Times article; the report claimed that the Clinton administrations reaction to terror strikes, was to either forget the crime, nor ever give up by bringing the criminals to justice.

It listed a dozen captured terrorists, among them some involved in the first World Trade Center attack, which many now believe had al Qaeda links. 

Curiously in this global strategy report Osama bin Laden; the man Clinton supposedly had been obsessed with, was only mention 4 times in passing.  Al Qaeda wasn’t mentioned at all – not a single time. Never.

Now, given president Clinton’s unhinged rant on Fox news, this represents a major oversight. 

Oh, no, no no – not the fact that al Qaeda and bin Laden weren’t much of a Clinton obsession; the oversight is that the report itself was missed by the cleptos – the Clinton legacy team and their enhancement protection team.  Why wasn’t somebody, like Sandy Burglar, dispatched on a mission to burglar every copy of this report from every congressional archive?

After all, Lesson 1 of the Clinton White House: You deal with inconvenient  truths by making them simply disappear.

No matter who, or what they are.

And that’s the memo.


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