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October 12, 2006

New York Times: Guilty of Treason – Again!

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The New York Times is working for the Democratic Party – not the interest of America – That’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

The New York Times waited till five weeks before the election to publish a story based on leaks from last April’s National Intelligence Estimate (NIE)

Liberal Democrats cheered the supposed main finding that America’s presence in Iraq is producing more terrorists.  Thus we are less safe because of Bush.

Reacting to this latest political leak of classified info, the President ordered the report’s key judgments declassified.

First:  “United States lead counter terrorism efforts have seriously damaged the leadership of al Qaeda, and disrupted its operation.” 

Odd, Times left that one out.

Second:  “Should Jihadists leaving Iraq  perceive themselves, and be perceived to have failed, we judge fewer fighters will be inspired to carry on the fight.”

Translation:  When America wins in Iraq there will be fewer terrorists.  Thank you President Bush.

New York Times left that one out too.

Third quote:  “Progress toward pluralism and more response to political systems in the Muslim world will eliminate the many grievances Jihadists exploit.” 

Can anyone say ‘Bush Doctrine’ anyone?  The New York Times can’t and won’t.

Meanwhile, our military released a letter found in al-Zawahiri’s  headquarters after he was whipped out on June 7th.  The letter from a senior al Qaeda leader complained ‘we’re still weak, we’re still in a stage of weakness and a stage of paucity..’ 

Will the Times print that?  Nope – not yet. 

The indisputable finding here is this:  The New York Times, the Democrats and the leakers – cherry picked war time intelligence, hyped war time intelligence, mislead the public about war time intelligence, – all for a cheep political attack. 

But the door got slammed right in their faces – BAM – just like that! 

And that’s the memo.


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