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October 27, 2006

Shhhhh…don’t Tell My Parents

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California Prop 85, if passed, will inform parents of their child’s abortion – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Point’s memo..

A few days ago actress Jane Wyatt died. She played the mom on the 1950’s TV show “Father Knows Best.” I was thinking about Ms. Wyatt while analyzing the upcoming referendum, Proposition 85, in California.

The proposed law is called “Waiting Period and Parental Notification Before Termination of Minor’s Pregnancy.” If passed, it would require a doctor to inform an underage girl’s parents before performing an abortion, and wait 48 hours unless there was a medical emergency. 

The proposed law does have the so-called “abuse exception.” If the girl feels she would be harmed by the parental notification, the court would make the call. It also gives the girl a chance to explain to the judge that she is mature enough to make an abortion decision on her own. So a judge could waive the notification if he or she was convinced the child was emotionally equipped to handle the situation. 

Now, all of this sounds more than reasonable to me. The rights of parents to know the mental condition of their children is upheld, but if notification could cause potential damage to the child, the court decides. Good law, right?

Wrong, if you are a liberal. 

Liberals adamantly opposes any legal restriction involving a young girl’s access to an abortion. Thus, your 14-year-old could leave the house one morning, show up at a Planned Parenthood clinic, undergo major surgery, and be back home in time for dinner.

So how was your day, Tammy? 

This is insane. And Senator Hillary Clinton is supporting the insanity. She actually recorded an audio spot urging Californians to vote “no” on parental notification. And, by the way, Hillary neglected to tell voters about the “exceptions” in her ramble. She pleaded for “kids at risk” without mentioning that the courts would bend over backwards for those kids. Shameful. 

Do you believe for one second that Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Benjamin Franklin would support a legal system that allows children alone to make decisions about elective surgery-surgery that terminates a potential human being? Well, liberals do – they say abortion is in the Constitution. 

No rational person could believe the Founding Fathers would violate the doctrine of parental responsibility in that way. 

So what the heck is going on? 

Well, liberals sees the state, not the parent, as the final authority over a child’s welfare. Liberals want a breakdown of traditional family roles, replacing them with a uniform code of governmental child rearing. In that way, the youth of America will become “emancipated” from their parents and be more susceptible to liberal thinking.  Liberals were the ones who said you can’t spank your child, and if you do, you go to jail.  Now wonder a lot of kids are running ramped in the streets, getting pregnant. 

Which brings us back to “Father Knows Best” 2006. In this show, “Kitten,” the youngest child, has just been impregnated by a local hooligan. Her brother, “Bud,” drives her to the clinic and the fetus is history. 

Later, the entire family goes out for burgers. But father doesn’t know best in this updated sitcom. In fact, father doesn’t know anything.

And that’s the memo.


October 26, 2006

The Status of President Bush

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How well is President Bush handling the status of the War on Terror and his Presidency – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

The answer is quite well, at least physically.  He works out like crazy and mountain bikes in his rare spare time.  Six years have given him a few more wrinkles, but then I don’t have to deal with a pot-belly dictator either.

My throey about President Bush is that he is a true believer, he sincerely thinks he is looking out for Americans in the best ways possible, and the polls be dammed.  That kind of certainty provides solace and calm.

However, this type of attitude is a double-edged sward.  Mr. Bush reportedly sleeps well; he’s not prowling the White House at 4AM the way Bill Clinton was, but true belivers often do not react quickly to changing circumstances.  They tend to set a course and stay that course.

Iraq is the defining issue for Mr. Bush’s presidency.  His administration has succeeded in badly daming al Qaeda and making it very difficult to take root on American soil.  This is undeinable.  The Bush haters will tell you that the President is fear-mongering and the like, but this is just hyper-partisan nonsence.  Stopping al Qaeda is a huge job and President Bush is on top of it.

But few anticipated that Iran would pile on the Iraq situation, and that is why the conflict over there remains bloody and unstable.  The Iranians are arming and funding Shia killers and do not want a stable government in Iraq.  They are promoting chaos so the USA will leave – leaving Iran calling the shots in Baghdad.  If that happens, Muslim terrorism will dramatically increase in power everywhere, and moderate Muslim Gulf States will lose faith in the USA.

Many American are depressed over iraq and blame the Bush administration for failing to win the war.  This is understandable.  But President Bush believes he can outlast the terrorists, and that his strategy is the only viable way to blunt the savage jihad.  The President sees himself as a modern day Abraham Lincoln before Gettysburg, under siege but standing firm.

Nobody knows how Iraq will play out in the two years the President has left in office.  But what I can say is that he is committed to the fight, and believes in it with all his heart.

Is that enough for victory?  Impossible to tell.  But I’m praying it is.

And that’s the memo.

October 24, 2006

Wisconsin Students required to buy book on 9/11.

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University of Wisconsin Madison requires students to read “9/11 and the American Empire; Muslims, Jew and Christians Speak Out.” – That’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo. 

The book is by Dr. Kevin Barrett, a part-time instructor who is also an active member of Scholars for 9/11 Truths.  It’s a fringe kook bunch that blames the Bush Administration, not al Qaeda, for 9/11.


But one essay in the book writes: ‘Like Bush and the neo-cons, Hitler and the Nazis inagurated their new ara by destroying America architectural moument and blaming their destruction on the designated enemies.”

In an interview, this wacko said; “Well, Hitler had a good 20 or 30 IQ points on Bush so comparing Bush to Hitler would be, in many ways would be in insult to Hitler.” 

One of the essays the students are required to read for the course is called ‘A Clash Between Justice and Greed.’  It’s premise is that the conflict between Islamic extremists and Western powers was created after the collapse of the Soviet Union justifying U.S. Defense Spending, and provide a pretext of controlling the worlds resources. 

Interrupting terrorism: Muslims problem of covert operations. 

Another essay suggests in the book that Western Intelligence Agencies commit acts of terrorism and make it look like the work of Islamic terrorists. 

Now, the dribble speaks for itself. Its about a crock. But a question does come to mind. Which political party do you think liberal scholars identify with? 

And that’s the memo.

October 20, 2006

ABC Scoop

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ABC Foley Scoop Shows Web Tips Change Media Game  That’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

Yes, experts now claim the anonymous tips that ABC used to break the Foley story represent a journalistic turning point.  “A new model for news gathering as TV outlets embrace the internet.”

ABC News President David Westin told reporters ‘there is a place for true citizen journalists to write in with tips that we should peruse anonymously.  There are more stories out there’, he continued ‘…that can be covered, and perhaps disserve to be covered, than any organization has the resources to recover.”

Robert Thompson, Syracuse  media Professor added, “This marks one of those watershed periods where you can use the internet to cast an enormous net for people who may have information.” 

They hated the internet when it was used to get Clinton – they love the internet now that they got Foley.

First we know that ABC had these supposed anonymous tips for months but they held on to them to use close to the election. There is a stunning lack of curiosity by the entire drive-by-media about exactly how the tips got to ABC News.  We still don’t know.

Second: Tips over the internet are not new.  When Matt Drudge broke the Clinton / Lewinsky story he was vilified as a dangerous gossip by these same drive-by-type that now all of a sudden love the internet.

As far as the stories that need to be covered by the drive-by-media that aren’t or were not, how about Juanita Broderick, Kathleen Willey, Swift-boat Veterans for Truth, just for starters.

I’m sorry for throwing cold water on your drive-by-media-self-congratulatory-view Mr. Weston, but this is just a bunch of phony-bologna.

 And that’s the memo.

October 18, 2006

National Labor Relations Board Makes a Ruling

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Thanks to a ruling form the nations labor relation boards, some of us just got promoted – but liberals are fighting it – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo. 

Nurses, currently assigned the task of supervising work shifts, will be now considered ‘Supervisors.’ 

I know that at first look, this does seem to be a difficult concept to grasp.  And once more, in other instances, the amount of time a particular worker supervising will determine if they are Supervisors or not, also.

 Now you would not think this ruling would cause controversy. After all, aren’t people who always supervise – Supervisors? 

Of course they are. 

But.  Members of the liberal establishment flew into a 5-alarm historical rage. Why? Because Supervisors are exempt from big labor protection under the law.   

AFL-CIO President John Sweeny, claimed the decision ‘invites employers to strip millions of workers their right to have a union by reclassifying them as Supervisors in name only.’ 

Anna Burger – in the ‘Name to Change Federation,’ called it ‘another example of the Bush Administrations distain of the right of working women.’ (Notice how men were not included in that quote)  Of course Ted (The Swimmer) Kennedy, joined in, along with Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton, to harshly condemn the ruling. 

Now, normally when people are ‘moving on up to that deluxe apartment in the sky,’ there’s cause to celebrate. But leave it to liberals to be against this commonsense ruling, because it properly measures achievement and personal responsibilities.   

So instead of celebrating, their sniffing the sulphur.  

In their minds, the ruling might as well have comes from El Diablo –  to them, that’s George Bush, by the way. 

And that’s the memo.

October 17, 2006

News Flash: Bush is Guilty!

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President Bush has been declared guilty of being too optimistic – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

That is the word from the Drive-by-media’s October Surprise artist Bob Woodward.

Back in may, Bush delivered his speech, in which he said; “Years from now, people will look back on the formation on a unity government in Iraq as a decisive moment in the story of liberty; the moment when freedom gained a firm foothold in the Middle East. And the forces of terror began their long retreat.”

According to Bob Woodward, that optimistic forecast was a horrendous lie. You want to know why?  Because two days latter, the Joint Chiefs of Staff circulated a secret report saying “…terrorists could sustain or increase the violence in Iraq until next year”

Really? Violence during a war. Who would have thought that?

Its obvious what is going on here. Five weeks away from the elections liberals are aiming to get their new message out; which is “Democrats ’06 – Loose Your Optimism.”

It was just last a few days ago a Think Tank, ran by a Clintonoid, John Podesta, claimed that America’s middle class is worse off than ever. 

Even as the stock market runs nears an ever high as unemployment remains low and gas prices plummets.  

It got me thinking.  Years from now we will indeed look back on these times as a turning point.  We will look back on those who only offered pessimism; about the war and our nation’s ability to prosper.

Mark my words, America’s liberals will have their defeatist view’s chained around their necks for generations to come.

And that’s the memo.

October 15, 2006

To Loose or Not Loose Your Cool

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Is it cool to loose your cool, now that Clinton lost his on Fox News?  – That’s the subject of today’s talking points memo. 

Years ago, a certain president wagged his long bony finger in America’s face and told us he did not have sex with that woman. 

Latter, he promised to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, to a Federal Grand Jury, and then he lied under oath.

 The former presidents skills were so finely honed, that a senator in his own party described him as an “exceptionally good liar.” 

The drive-by-media ran a series of stories claiming that everybody lies – lying is an important social skill – lying is good.  

So no surprise in an article by the ap writer Jocelyn Novak with this headline: ‘Experts say Public Anger can be Refreshing.’  Her lead paragraph reads: ‘is it cool to loose your cool?’  That’s one of the questions of the week as we evaluate and re-evaluate Bill Clinton’s finger pointing, knee poking interview with Chris Wallace on fox. 

She then asks, ‘Can public anger in politics, business and elsewhere, be a good thing?’ Is a ‘little tantrum now and then just what’s called for?’ That answer:  Under the right circumstances – Yes!  Say some analysis of Social Behavior. 

Now I think you get the point.  If their hero lies – then lying is good.  If he flies into a purple rage, purple rages are good. These same drive-by types gave us stories about the power crackling from Clinton’s genes and the secret desires women harbored as they dreamed of Bill in the night. 

These are not journalists. Their sicko-groopies – and I did not loose my cool in this memo.

October 14, 2006

The Door in The Face

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Clintons oversight on his National Security Strategy comes out – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo

They were busy packing their belongings – and some that didn’t belong to them, on their way out of the White House; the Clinton Administration found time to send a 45,000 word report over to Congress. 

The December 2002 document – a “National Security Strategy for a Global Age”, was Clintons final policy paper on National Security.

According to a April 2004 Washington Times article; the report claimed that the Clinton administrations reaction to terror strikes, was to either forget the crime, nor ever give up by bringing the criminals to justice.

It listed a dozen captured terrorists, among them some involved in the first World Trade Center attack, which many now believe had al Qaeda links. 

Curiously in this global strategy report Osama bin Laden; the man Clinton supposedly had been obsessed with, was only mention 4 times in passing.  Al Qaeda wasn’t mentioned at all – not a single time. Never.

Now, given president Clinton’s unhinged rant on Fox news, this represents a major oversight. 

Oh, no, no no – not the fact that al Qaeda and bin Laden weren’t much of a Clinton obsession; the oversight is that the report itself was missed by the cleptos – the Clinton legacy team and their enhancement protection team.  Why wasn’t somebody, like Sandy Burglar, dispatched on a mission to burglar every copy of this report from every congressional archive?

After all, Lesson 1 of the Clinton White House: You deal with inconvenient  truths by making them simply disappear.

No matter who, or what they are.

And that’s the memo.

October 12, 2006

New York Times: Guilty of Treason – Again!

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The New York Times is working for the Democratic Party – not the interest of America – That’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

The New York Times waited till five weeks before the election to publish a story based on leaks from last April’s National Intelligence Estimate (NIE)

Liberal Democrats cheered the supposed main finding that America’s presence in Iraq is producing more terrorists.  Thus we are less safe because of Bush.

Reacting to this latest political leak of classified info, the President ordered the report’s key judgments declassified.

First:  “United States lead counter terrorism efforts have seriously damaged the leadership of al Qaeda, and disrupted its operation.” 

Odd, Times left that one out.

Second:  “Should Jihadists leaving Iraq  perceive themselves, and be perceived to have failed, we judge fewer fighters will be inspired to carry on the fight.”

Translation:  When America wins in Iraq there will be fewer terrorists.  Thank you President Bush.

New York Times left that one out too.

Third quote:  “Progress toward pluralism and more response to political systems in the Muslim world will eliminate the many grievances Jihadists exploit.” 

Can anyone say ‘Bush Doctrine’ anyone?  The New York Times can’t and won’t.

Meanwhile, our military released a letter found in al-Zawahiri’s  headquarters after he was whipped out on June 7th.  The letter from a senior al Qaeda leader complained ‘we’re still weak, we’re still in a stage of weakness and a stage of paucity..’ 

Will the Times print that?  Nope – not yet. 

The indisputable finding here is this:  The New York Times, the Democrats and the leakers – cherry picked war time intelligence, hyped war time intelligence, mislead the public about war time intelligence, – all for a cheep political attack. 

But the door got slammed right in their faces – BAM – just like that! 

And that’s the memo.

October 10, 2006

Democrats – Living in a Dream

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If the Democrats had paid attention during their 8-year realm, things might be different – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

Senator Clinton says her husband (she doesn’t call him that much anymore), ‘The Bill’ – with the same information that Bush had on bin Laden, he would have taken terrorism more seriously than the current president or his National Security team.

But 5 years after 9/11, what evidence is there the Mrs. Clinton’s Democrats take the fact that terrorists already struck us seriously?

Every tool we use to fight terrorism Democrats oppose it.  Senate minority leader Harry Reed boosted prematurely that Democrats killed the Patriot Act – with seeks terrorists cells in America. Our covert program to wire tap calls to and from overseas terrorists  was leaked to Liberal newspapers that is opposed to Democrats.

Same with our covert program to track and disrupt the flow of terrorist finances.  We catch terrorists; we lean on them for information for future plots; Democrats falsely accuse the military of torture – they demand terrorist be accorded rights under treaties they never sign or honor.

Democrats even demand we stop offending terrorist by calling them what they are – Islamofacists.  And though bin Laden himself declared Iraq the central front in the war, Democrats demand that we withdraw our forces from the very battlefields where we kill these people.

Though we have succeeded in degrading al Qaeda’s leadership, Mrs. Clinton’s Democrats demand our secretary of defense QUIT!  Terrorists struck American interest multiple times on the Democratic party’s watch.  If they had responded as obsessively as they now claim, history would be their best witness.

As it will be for this president and his national security team.  Take that Mrs. Clinton – and while your at it, your husband too.

 And that’s the memo.

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