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September 28, 2006

New Futuristic Position at the New York Times

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A great idea for the New York Times and their readers – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

Last year, in the mitts of a national booming economy, the New York Times laid of about 50 journalists. 

You may find them working at fast food restaurants, with no health insurance and barley earning a living – no doubt doing jobs that Americans won’t do – just as the illegal Mexicans are doing.

But back at the Times, the hiring freeze has been lifted – the paper that should be convicted of treason, has hired a perfume critic – probably to give readers a guide to read all the skink that they print.

And now they have announced another position.  The New York Times has created a Futuristic Residence position, which will be filled by former Washington Post executive, Michael Rodgers.

The new position, according to the Times, has unique insights in the confluence of digital technology, consumer behavior and journalism.  His duties will be to help the New York Times to continuously deliver the innovative information products and service their readers expect.

Now, there is a fun job.  You look around at new technology and gizmos, developing cutting-edge products that meet the expectation of loyal New York Times readers.

Well, Mr. Rodgers, I have a great idea to get the ball rolling.  Why don’t you use the confluence of digital technology to provide national security leaks to the terrorists – Americas enemies in real time and coded over their cell phones.  Your terrorist readers expect innovation.

The Times won’t disappoint, now that were in the future.  Don’t make them wait for the paper!  Let them have it first, on their phones!

And that’s the memo.


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