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September 1, 2006

Joe Lieberman

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Joe Lieberman is facing home state legal attacks – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

Connecticut Piece-nicks want the Democrat Registrar to kick Lieberman out of the party.  One lefty, Henry Lowendorf, says “the law is pretty clear that he is no longer a member of the Democrat party in good standing. There was an open vote – he was voted out.”

To avoid being banished, Lieberman may have to attend a re-education camp, which is a hearing to prove he is loyal to the party principals.

Democrat John Orman, who challenged Lieberman last year, filed a complaint with the state accusing Lieberman of creating a ‘fake political party.’  He’s demanding that Lieberman’s name be removed from the November ballot. 

These guys know their going to loose. And Lieberman is going to win.

In Washington, the belt way newspaper, The Hill, reports some Democrats are agitating to strip Lieberman of his seniority and kick him off committees. 

An un-named Democrat said “at this point Lieberman can not expect to just keep his seniority.  He can’t run against a Democrat and expect to waltz back to the caucus with the same seniority as before.  It would give the view that this is a country club rather than a  representative of a political party and a political movement.”

Well, the best view of today’s Democrats come directly from Democrats: The fringe-kook grass roots.  The activists judges.  The elected-the-rejected – they are driven by hate. 

Not long ago, Democrats called Joe Lieberman the ‘conscious of the senate.’  They elevated him as their vice-presidential nominee.  

Now, if they can do this to him, just imagine what they would do to you, if given the chance.

And that’s the memo.


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