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August 30, 2006

The Suspension of Reality.

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We put reality on hold when we watch movies, that way we can buy into superheroes with super-human powers; at least until the credits roll – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

Lately it seems we are being asked to suspend belief when looking at real events.  We are supposed to put the truth aside.  We are to ignore reality and just hope for the best. 

For example, Iran says that it will respond to U.N demands that to cease its nuclear ambitions.  No matter what Iran says or does, there will be activity at the U.N., urging calls for more resolutions; possible scansions, packages of goodies. 

Yes, the U.N. will inevitably work to appease Iran – a country that has sponsored terrorism for three decades and dared the world to stop them.

Now, if you believe the U.N. will solve the Iran problem, then you are ignoring reality.  If you believe talking to Iran would bear fruit as Chuck Hegel from Nebraska suggested, you are ignoring reality.

The Iranians will do what ever it takes to build their Nuclear power.  Period. 

U.N. resolutions will not stop them.  Threats of sanctions will not stop them.  Even the implementation of actual sanctions will not stop them.  Ask Saddam about U.N. resolutions; the Oil for Food Program – does that ring any bells?

This is not a movie where a superhero saves the day in two hours.  There is only one thing to stop the Iranians, and that is military force.  They need to know that arming up with nuclear arms will lead to their own certain destruction by those who have the political will to pull the trigger.

If you believe in anything, believe in that.

And that’s the memo


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