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August 24, 2006

The Left has a New Celebrity

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Elvira Alerono –a 31y single mom who is standing up to the federal Government – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

Chicago mayor, Richard Daily voiced his support for Elvira, with vigils being planned for Elvira in Phoenix and Detroit to help stop deporting Ms Alerono.

Now, to avoid being deported, this heroic single mom, how happens to be president of a lobbying group the United Latino Family, has taken refuge in the Albereto Methodist Church in Chicago, invoking the ancient principal of sanctuary.

Pastor Robert Coleman offered Elvira refuge because he says “she shouldn’t have to choose from leaving her seven year old son behind in the U.S., or forcing him to relocate to Mexico,” said the Pastor: “She represents the voice of the undocumented.  We think its our obligation, our responsibility to make a stage for that voice to be heard.”

Elvira, single mom Alerono, illegally entered the United States in 1997, and she was deported, and then return within days.  Two years later she was arrested at O’Hare Airport working as a cleaning person.  She was convicted of using a false  social security number, and was ordered to appear at the immigration office in Chicago.

She instead chose the church.

She says if the authorities want her, they will have to come get her. 

Now, unfortunately for Elvira, nothing in the law prevents the feds from arresting her in the church.  The left claims that doing so would look jack-booted.  A public relations nightmare. 

For those of you who share those concerns, I have this reminder:

Janet Renio, Elean Gonzales – remember that sanctuary?

And that’s the memo


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