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August 6, 2006

The Bias of the Liberal media will continue to harm America in the War on Terror.

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Perhaps the biggest reason why so many Americans are confused about the chilling dangers posed by Islamic fascism is the reportage of the terror war by the liberal print press. – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

 Day after day, committed left-wing newspapers frame their coverage with an emphasis on the inadequacies of the Bush administration or Israel, not the aggressive worldwide jihad that seeks nuclear weapons. Routinely, those who act confrontationally against the fascists are marginalized and sometimes personally attacked. Rarely does the left wing media dailies give a fair hearing to both sides of the terror war controversy.

But, of course, the journalists toiling at the committed liberal papers don’t see it that way. In a recent appearance on National Public Radio, Los Angeles Times reporter Tom Hamburger presented a point of view that is anything but rare in liberal circles: “Targeting the mainstream, even establishment media … as having a liberal bias, has been one of the most successful campaigns that’s been organized by the conservative right. And it’s made editors and reporters cautious about what they say.”

According to Hamburger, his paper and others like The New York Times, are not liberal at all; their images have been distorted by the right. Well, let’s examine the facts.

The New York Times has four liberal op-ed columnists and the L.A. Times has five whom, within the last 18 months, have written more than 150 columns about the Bush administration. None of the columns were positive—not one. Both the L.A. Times and the N.Y. Time have no pro-Bush columnists.

In addition, the TV columnists for the Times, its business media writer, and the lead film critic, A.O. Scott, are also committed liberals, as is sports columnist William Rhoden.

And it’s the same thing at most of the other left-wing papers—the deck is stacked with liberal writers, not only on the editorial pages, but also in every other section of the paper. The result is a constant barrage of negativity towards those who believe we are fighting World War III, and we’d better get serious.

The Fox News Channel generally takes a strong anti-terrorist position, and it is not well received by the print press. Every day from newspapers around the country, and the coverage of FNC, along with programs like “The O’Reilly Factor,” and “Hannity & Colmes” are relentlessly negative. Yet every day Americans somehow overwhelmingly choose Fox News over their competition, so at least there is some balance in the media.

Truthfully, this nonsense about “conservatives” falsely describing the newspaper industry as predominately liberal is flat-out dishonest. Even a recent media study done by UCLA professor Tim Groseclose and University of Missouri professor Jeffrey Milyo came to the conclusion that “almost all major media outlets tilt to the left.” And the tilt becomes a freefall when President Bush’s name comes up. The liberal newspapers generally consider him an inarticulate bumbler, too unsophisticated to deal with complicated issues like stem cell research and global warming, (as if there is anything any human can do about nature). The committed left editors remain furious that Bush defeated Al Gore in the Supreme Court and are crazed that many of them bought into the WMD threat in Iraq.

Thus, no matter what the President does now, and no matter how much danger nations like Iran present to the world, the liberal media are not going to play it strong. Their mantra and focal point is Bush is evil; Bush is Hitler, Bush is Pol Pot.

That kind of narrow media groupthink is dangerous. Granting Hezbollah moral equivalency with Israel, putting forth that America is a nation of human rights violators, and labeling Iraq a failure before the all the dust has settled—all these things absolutely makes life easier for the jihadists..

 Liberals have constantly tried to re-write history, and have failed each and every step of the way, thanks to independent news sources.  Liberals have constantly tried to say that it was Bush’s fault we had 9/11 – ignoring all the attacks Al Qaeda made upon the United States in the eight years of the Clinton Administration. (i.e. the attack on the USS Cole, the first attack of the Trade Center, the bombings of our Embassies, notification to President Clinton directly that Al Qaeda members were learning to fly planes, but didn’t want to learn how tow land them, plus turning down the capture of Bin laden three times) 

Some may never admit that this is the intention of the left-wing press, but that is exactly what they are doing. 

And that’s the memo


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