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July 24, 2006

Boston’s Big Dig

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Boston’s Big Dig Collapse – a Big Blow to US Urban Dream – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

The story from Routers reads: “Boston’s $15 million dollar Big Dig was mean to inspire awe and engineering marvel on scale with the Panama Cannel that would thrust US cities in a new era. Instead it faces a crises of public confidence after a fatal tunnel collapse that could derail US plans of other US mega projects.”

If your unfamiliar with what happened, cement slabs recently fell from a ceiling of a bran new Big Dig Tunnel, killing a motorist. The bolts that held the slaps to the ceiling were secured in place by epoxy which disintegrated.  The tunnel has been shut down, and a criminal investigation is under way.

This is just the latest from Boston’s massive Big Dig Highway Program, which was estimated to cost $360 million dollars when it was announced in the 1970’s.  But $15 billion dollars latter tax payers got shabby tunnels with killer ceiling tiles, stories of graph criminal behavior.

Now there scared to drive through this thing.  And who has to pay.  That’s right, the deep pocket tax payer.  Boston officials just announced that tolls will rise to fix the mess.

So the drive-by-media moans and groans that the ‘Big Dig collapse’ represents a blow to urban dreams.

No.  This is typical of what happens with ‘Big Dig Government’ projects. Projected costs are always wrong, and the results are never as promised.  The politicians promises are not held accountable and they are not around when it fails, and the tax payers pay the burden.

Yet no body, except liberals, are surprised by any of this.

And that’s the memo.


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