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July 13, 2006

The Supreme Court is not satisfied with their duties as spelled out in the Constitution

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The Supreme Court appoints themselves as co-commander-n-chief – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

The liberal wing of the Supreme Court, Justices, Stevens, Sutter, Brayer, Ginsburg and Kennedy, have decided they are not content with their court duties.  Oh, no, they have appointed themselves co-commander in chief.

That’s right, American justices on our Supreme Court, sided with Osama bin Laden’s bodyguard driver, and other terrorists who kill Americans; putting them under the Geneva Convention, even though they do not fight for nations that signed the accord.

The Supreme Court co-commanders also ruled, our President; head of our Military, The Commander in Chief, cannot order Military tribunals for these terrorists.  The drive-by-media described the ruling as a ‘major blow to George Bush’s war on terrorism.’ With ‘Bush over steeping his authority.’

Justice Kennedy, described as a moderate conservative, was the key vote in this 5 to 3 decision.  A 4 to 4 vote would let stand the appeals court ruling that agreed with President Bush.

Justice Thomas, who Demarcate Senate leader, “Dusty” Harry once said called him an embarrassment, and responsible for poorly written decisions, said the ruling would ‘hamper the Presidents ability to confront and defeat a new and deadly enemy’.  Justice Thomas said that the courts second guess the determination of the political branches, these conspirators must be brought to justice, is both “unprecedented and dangerous” – and he is right on both counts.

But no worry, club Git’mo (Guantanamo Bay) is not going to close.  Congress can still work with the President to make sure military tribunals take place.

And Nancy Poloci, well she issued a statement supporting the decision.  Essentially, Nancy Poloci said “go a head.  Attack America and Americans and we, the democratic party, will defend your right to do so.”  She actually said that.

 And that’s the memo


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