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July 30, 2006

Judge rules on Wal-Mart

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A Judge in Maryland rules on the war against Wal-Mart – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo. 

Democrats in Maryland, at the urging of their union comrades, crafted legislation specifically targeting Wal-Mart.  Punitive law would have forced the company to spend at least 8% of its payroll on health care, or pay the difference to the State in taxes. 

Republican Governor Robert Urlich vetoed the measure, but the liberals who run the legislature, over rode his veto. 

Well, on Wednesday, District Judge Jay Fridrick Motts, found the law invalid because Wal-Mart was already bound by Federal Laws governing health and retirement benefits. He ruled that the Maryland law would have imposed legally congestible injury upon Wal-Mart. 

Maryland liberals pulled a fast one arguing that their attempt to hi-jack Wal-Mart’s health benefits was just a “payroll tax”.

 But the Judge saw through that.  He ruled that the purpose was to force Wal-Mart to increase the level of its health care benefits.  

Instead of doing everything in their power to encourage Wal-Mart – the States #1 employer, to keep growing and hiring – the liberal insurgents in Maryland’s government vowed to appeal the ruling, wasting even more tax payers money.  Even in defeat, their brazen disregard for the law and hatred for Wal-Mart is surpassed only by their arrogance.  

But a High-5 to Judge Motts – you nailed it my friend! 

And that’s the memo.


July 28, 2006

The Impotent UN

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Diagnosis: The UN is impotent – thats the subject of todays Talking Points memo

The United Nations is impotent. That’s the only diagnosis an objective person can arrive at if you look at the facts. Time and time again, the UN has been called upon to protect innocent people and has failed.

In Rwanda, in the Balkans, in Somalia, in Iraq and now in Lebanon, perhaps as many as a million people have died on the UN’s watch.

Let’s take Lebanon. On July 29, 2004, the Security Council reiterated its strong support for the “terroritorial integrity” of that tiny country. To back up that support, the UN continued to fund a force of soldiers to make sure any misbehavior on the part of terrorists, Syria or Israel was kept to a minimum.

Less than two months later, the Security Council passed Resolution 1559 calling for, among other things, the disbanding and disarmament of all militias inside Lebanon. That means you, Hezbollah.

Well, the Hez guys and Syria and Iran were all greatly amused by Resolution 1559, and soon thereafter thousands more long range missiles began finding their way into southern Lebanon, where some of them were placed in private homes and Mosques.

The UN did nothing.

Then, three weeks ago, Hezbollah attacked, killing eight Israeli soldiers and kidnapping two others inside Israel! Obviously, an act of war, to which Israel responded by bombing Hezbollah positions throughout Lebanon.

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan then swung into action and called for an immediate cease-fire. Annan is real good at doing that. He is an expert at giving peace a chance while innocent people are being attacked. Would Kofi want a cease-fire if thousands of missiles were pointed at his house? I don’t think so. Kofi might want those weapons destroyed. Maybe I’m wrong.

Anyway, there is no question that once again the United Nations was supposed to diffuse a bad situation—chaos in Lebanon—and actually made things worse. There is not enough Viagra in the world to fix the UN’s impotency problem.

So now the world faces an onslaught on Islamic fascism with no credible international body to stand in its way. The left in the USA and Europe have no solution to the growing menace, and the right is on the defensive because of the bloody stalemate in Iraq.

Meantime, the terrorists believe they are winning.

Put yourself in the sandals of an Iranian Mullah who hates Jews and Americans. He sees that the world is not going to help Iraq form a democracy. He sees the United Nations failing in every attempt to impose order. He reads the New York Times and grins while its columnists savage any anti-terror measure the Bush administration comes up with. He sees Russia and China not willing to take action against Iran as it continues to pursue nuclear weapons. And, finally, he sees much of the world siding with Hezbollah against Israel.

This Mullah is one happy guy, is he not?

So that’s where we are right now in the war on terror. Just as in World War II, the bad guys have gotten off to a fast start. The good guys turned it around 60 years ago but, today, the betting line in Teheran is that Kofi and the world body he represents will continue to be no problem.

Sounds like a safe bet to me.

And that’s the memo

July 24, 2006

Boston’s Big Dig

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Boston’s Big Dig Collapse – a Big Blow to US Urban Dream – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

The story from Routers reads: “Boston’s $15 million dollar Big Dig was mean to inspire awe and engineering marvel on scale with the Panama Cannel that would thrust US cities in a new era. Instead it faces a crises of public confidence after a fatal tunnel collapse that could derail US plans of other US mega projects.”

If your unfamiliar with what happened, cement slabs recently fell from a ceiling of a bran new Big Dig Tunnel, killing a motorist. The bolts that held the slaps to the ceiling were secured in place by epoxy which disintegrated.  The tunnel has been shut down, and a criminal investigation is under way.

This is just the latest from Boston’s massive Big Dig Highway Program, which was estimated to cost $360 million dollars when it was announced in the 1970’s.  But $15 billion dollars latter tax payers got shabby tunnels with killer ceiling tiles, stories of graph criminal behavior.

Now there scared to drive through this thing.  And who has to pay.  That’s right, the deep pocket tax payer.  Boston officials just announced that tolls will rise to fix the mess.

So the drive-by-media moans and groans that the ‘Big Dig collapse’ represents a blow to urban dreams.

No.  This is typical of what happens with ‘Big Dig Government’ projects. Projected costs are always wrong, and the results are never as promised.  The politicians promises are not held accountable and they are not around when it fails, and the tax payers pay the burden.

Yet no body, except liberals, are surprised by any of this.

And that’s the memo.

July 21, 2006

It just happened that the plant was spotted

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It’s a miracle that by chance, an environmentalist, with his dog, just happens to spot an endangered plant, which stops a housing project – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

Last year, retired elementary school principal, Bob Evans, 72, was walking his dog when he just happened to spot tiny white flowers in a grassy field. 

These were no ordinary flowers.  They just happen to be Federally protected endangered Sebastopol meadowfoam.  And this was no ordinary grass field.  It just happened to be a 20 acre housing development in Laguna Vista California. 

So when Mr. Evans, who just happened to be walking his dog, and just happened to saw the flower, he just happened to call the state university biology professor, and someone from the California Native Plant Society.

Wouldn’t you like to belong to that club.

They just happen to both agree that the plant was indigenous to this particular site.  Their conclusion put building plans on hold.

Mr. Evans, who just happens to be a conservationist, and is opposed to the house development, said “it was the bad luck of the developer that the flowers popped up.” 

The story might have ended there – except for a visit by the State Wildlife folks who concluded that the endangered plant had been transplanted from somewhere else. 

WOW – imagine that!  Someone just happened to have picked that site to plant a plant.  And it just happened to be an endangered plant no less.  Who would have thought?!

What a miracle of chance!

And more plants have sprung up from the seeds of the original plant – so the housing project remains on hold. 

Despite an investigation, nobody has discovered who may have planted the plant, which Bob Evans just happened to have spotted while walking his dog. 

Its just one of those environmental wacko mysteries that just happens.

 And that’s the memo.

July 15, 2006

Who has our best interest?

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So here’s the question: Who is really looking out for you—the Bush Administration, or the anti-Bush media? That’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

The President says he is fighting an effective war against worldwide terror and points to the roundup and destruction of many top al-Qaeda people, as well as the fact that the homeland has not been attacked since 9/11. President Bush asserts that his aggressive and “clandestine policies” have put the terrorists on the defensive, and that the war in Iraq has kept them bottled up where the American military can kill them.

The anti-Bush press, led by The New York Times, believes the Bush administration violates human rights, is overly secretive and is dismantling civil liberties. The Times and other committed left-wing journalists justify exposing national security programs because the Bush administration, they say, cannot be trusted.

For the everyday American, the debate is filled with a lot of clutter. Is the Bush administration really compromising the nation’s integrity in the terror war? Does the anti-Bush media really want the USA to lose in Iraq? 

Personally, I feel they do.

Recently, the heads of five journalism schools wrote a piece for the magazine “Editor and Publisher” which stated: “In the aftermath of 9/11, a new climate of caution was a sensible response to a sophisticated terrorist foe. But Bush’s reaction—declaring a ‘war on terror’—and claiming the Constitution grants almost limitless powers to the president in a time of war—is excessive.”

The men who wrote this piece are all committed liberals. These guys love The New York Times. One of them, Harvard’s Alex Jones, used to work there. Thus, their analysis of the war on terror is viewed through an ideological prism, the same problem that exists at the Times itself, where publisher Arthur Sulzburger is liberal in the extreme and generally hires people who agree with him.

So what we have here, is a “failure to communicate,” at least honestly. Liberal people do not generally approve of armed conflict and certainly do not like coerced interrogation, wire taps, internment camps, and just about every other anti-terror measure the Bush administration has come up with. So with all due respect to the journalism deans, what does the left propose be done to diminish the threat of terror? I haven’t heard one concrete suggestion. I have heard all kinds of theoretical gibberish that must send Osama into gales of laughter.

The problem for the regular folks is that the Bush administration is secretive. The President does believe he has the authority to institute anti-terror strategy without strict oversight. President Bush well understands that any and all secret programs will be publicly outed by people who don’t like him. And there are a few of those.

In the end, it comes down to this: I believe there will be more blood in American streets if the government eases up on aggressively pursuing the terror killers. But the anti-Bush media doesn’t believe that, and some are putting forth that the President’s policies are the primary threat to this country, not the killers themselves.

I think that’s downright dangerous. Fighting a two-front war on terror, with the second front being the media controversy here at home, has weakened America substantially.

And that’s the memo.

July 13, 2006

The Supreme Court is not satisfied with their duties as spelled out in the Constitution

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The Supreme Court appoints themselves as co-commander-n-chief – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

The liberal wing of the Supreme Court, Justices, Stevens, Sutter, Brayer, Ginsburg and Kennedy, have decided they are not content with their court duties.  Oh, no, they have appointed themselves co-commander in chief.

That’s right, American justices on our Supreme Court, sided with Osama bin Laden’s bodyguard driver, and other terrorists who kill Americans; putting them under the Geneva Convention, even though they do not fight for nations that signed the accord.

The Supreme Court co-commanders also ruled, our President; head of our Military, The Commander in Chief, cannot order Military tribunals for these terrorists.  The drive-by-media described the ruling as a ‘major blow to George Bush’s war on terrorism.’ With ‘Bush over steeping his authority.’

Justice Kennedy, described as a moderate conservative, was the key vote in this 5 to 3 decision.  A 4 to 4 vote would let stand the appeals court ruling that agreed with President Bush.

Justice Thomas, who Demarcate Senate leader, “Dusty” Harry once said called him an embarrassment, and responsible for poorly written decisions, said the ruling would ‘hamper the Presidents ability to confront and defeat a new and deadly enemy’.  Justice Thomas said that the courts second guess the determination of the political branches, these conspirators must be brought to justice, is both “unprecedented and dangerous” – and he is right on both counts.

But no worry, club Git’mo (Guantanamo Bay) is not going to close.  Congress can still work with the President to make sure military tribunals take place.

And Nancy Poloci, well she issued a statement supporting the decision.  Essentially, Nancy Poloci said “go a head.  Attack America and Americans and we, the democratic party, will defend your right to do so.”  She actually said that.

 And that’s the memo

July 8, 2006

The left attacks Superman

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The left has tugged on Superman’s cape, and will spit into the wind – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.  

In the new film “Superman Returns,” Daily Planet editor Perry White responds this way after being told the man of steel has come back after a five year absence: “Does he still stand for truth, justice and all that stuff?”

And all that stuff?

The original line, of course, was “Truth, justice and the American way.” But no way the “American way” gets in the film.

That’s because Warner Brothers, the studio distributing the movie, doesn’t want to piss off any foreign viewers to see a movie that is pro-American.  Heaven for bid a movie made in American to be pro-American.  It’s bad enough Superman was raised in the Midwest; we can’t be having the hero actually standing for the American Way, now can we? Some Muslim in Pakistan might throw bomb-laden popcorn box at the screen, or shoot the candy concessionaire. 

I wonder how we got away with it with all those Jimmy Stewart, Clark Gable and John Wayne movies during World War II?  Well, that’s another story.

You don’t need x-ray vision to know that things have changed drastically in America in the past five years. When Superman left to go visit the planet of his birthplace, (another twist in the story line, some how the planet Krypton came back) the USA was not engaged in a terror war; the country was merrily drifting along, hoping that rap music would follow disco into obscurity.

But that was then. Now, America is a divided country. (As far as the New York and LA Times are concerned) We are fighting a fierce war on terror overseas, and an intense culture war at home. No longer is the “American way” something to be proud of; today, forces abroad and at home believe we are a deeply flawed nation that is a danger to the world.  

Thank you Dick ‘Turbin’, ‘Miss America” Nancy Poloci, Barbara Boxer, and Ted (the Swimmer) Kennedy.

According to a Pew Global Attitudes survey, almost 30% of Americans believe that America’s presence in Iraq poses a greater danger to world peace than Iran’s quest for a nuclear weapon. In Turkey, 65% of the people feel that way. This kind of muddled thinking reflects the sentiment of the anti-American press worldwide and with the far left kook-fringe liberal base here in the USA.

The far left liberal-base philosophy would rattle even Superman. Led by moneymen George Soros and Peter Lewis who have bought enormous internet access, the far left liberal-base are selling the theory that the USA needs radical change, a complete overhaul. Think about it: Almost every day, the liberal press bombards us with messages that America violates human rights, that conservatives are racist-bigot-sexist-homophobes, that the rich control everything and don’t pay enough tax, and that the rights of women are trampled if any restrictions are placed on abortion.

 You see its tragic that 2,500 of our military heros have died in the course of the war in Iraq the last three years, but 1.3 million aborted babies in America every year is something to celebrate.

The far left liberal-base are becoming increasingly emboldened. Writing in The New York Times, David Nasaw, a professor at the ultra-left City University of New York, made this comment about the charitable gifts of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett: “While we can only applaud the decision by Mr. Buffett and Mr. Gates to give away so much of their fortunes … is society served by permitting so much capital to be accumulated by so few?” (italics added)

Fifty years ago, Professor Nasaw would have received an invitation to appear before the House Committee on Un-American Activities. Today, he is a lion in the secular-progressive movement which seeks to have a large centralized government decide who can earn what.

That’s not the American way Superman used to uphold. This is a brave new world that threatens even superheroes. The old ways of respect for the basic nobility of America, the capitalistic free enterprise system, and the Judeo-Christian philosophy of personal responsibility are all under siege by stealth forces faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive. They can even exorcise a classic pro-American line from a movie about a traditional comic book hero.

 Perry White, the truth is, there is no justice in eliminating the American way.  

And that’s the memo.

July 6, 2006

The NEA holds their annual meeting.

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The National Education Association, one of the nations wealthiest, and co-owner of the Democratic Party, is holding its summer meeting, and delegates have decided on aggressive action plans – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo. 

First up: Money.  Of course.

The Teachers Union is demanding that congress spend $24 Billion more on education on top of the billions we already spend.

And they are also demanding a National Minimum Wage for teachers.

Under their plan, every teacher would be guaranteed a minimum salary of $40,000 dollars a year and they want fewer students in every classroom. are they going to do what with all the illegals plus American students?

Anyway, the largest item on their menu is changing the ‘No Child Left Behind Law.’  Executive committee member, Becky Pringle, acknowledges that the basic intentions of the law are good (and this is a really big BUT) the NEA says that the excessive focus on testing students skills and punishing failing schools undermines education.

So, lets review:  The NEA wants more money spent on education and on their salaries.  And when they show up in the classroom with more money they want to teach fewer kids. 

AND, they want the government to stop being obsessed with testing to see if the fewer kids are learning anything.

Oh, and they also want failing schools to continue to fail without consequences.

In short, they want to leave more kids behind, and they want to be paid more to leave those kids behind.

This kind of idiocy is why more liberals are getting left behind, thankfully.

And that’s the memo

July 4, 2006

In Celebtation of our 230th Birthday

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Our founding fathers brought forth a new nation so that we all may live in liberty – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

Two centuries and three decades ago, a small group of men risked their lives, farms and families, and their futures to declare their independence from an all powerful dictator. And in so doing, they declared independent ideas that has endured over 200 years.

The idea of Monarchs, by virtue of birth, were entitled to govern was unchallenged until the birth of America.

If you read the founding document of that birth, the Declaration of Independence, (For those of you interested, I have a 50-page history of the Declaration of Independence) you will find that there were far more grievances than just excessive taxation which provoked the American Revolution.

A corrupted judiciary and political anarchy were among the grievances, as well as immigration and trade issues.

A long war and eleven years past before Americas founders were able to agree on a constitution.  And it was two additional years before the Constitution was ratified and the government of the United States of America was established.

There were anti-war dissenters who were content to live in terrine.  Content to see their children in terrine.  But they did not prevail.

Our Founders did not cut-and-run.  Nor did they redeploys. If there were journalists back then who tried to undermine the Revolution throughout the war, and the long march toward a constitutional government, with leeks and negative reporting – they didn’t prevail.

What prevailed was the spirit of that small group of men, who’s courage was to risk all for liberty, has been rewarded beyond measure, with a nation. America.  That has transformed the human race.

 And that’s the memo

July 2, 2006

A Democrat goes against the mantra of his party’s base.

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Barack Obama says mentioning God in public does not violate the ‘separation of church and state.’ – that’s the subject of today’s talking points memo.

This past week Senator Barack Obama criticized his own party for failing to acknowledge the power of faith in the lives of the American people. 

He said: “Not every mention of God in public violates the separation of church and state…”

He’s really going to be in trouble with that statement.

He said that “it is doubtful that kids reciting the Pledge of Allegiance feel oppressed or brain washed  when they say ‘Under God.’”

Didn’t know Democrats still allowed them to say that.

Obama urged Democrats to reach out to Evangelicals also.   He warned that there is nothing more transparent than in authentic expressions of faith, such as the politician who shows up in a black church around election time, and claps (off rhythm) to the Gospel Choir.

You’ve seen Al Gore to that.

Bill Clinton recently praised Evangelicals, and Howard Dean has been running around  flapping his gums about faith and values.

However, Obama is wrong about something.  Democrats do acknowledge people of faith – right before they trash them.

All the Democrat talk of faith and courting Evangelicals, rings hollow because elected Democrats by-and-large despise people of faith because they are from ‘The South.’ (said with a southern accent)

Now if you examine the values of people of faith  have and believe in, and then notice who it is who stands in opposition to them, you’re going to find Liberal Democrats standing right there.  And that extends beyond the religious faith.

Democrats have no faith in our military, our private sector, capitalism, strong national defense or American exceptionalism.

The only faith Democrats have is faith in their own political power. 

And thankfully the rest of us don’t share that faith in them, and never will.

And that’s the memo

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