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June 16, 2006

California voters go against the Liberal Mindset

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When voters go against the Liberal mind set, they are dismayed and shocked – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo. 

Washington Post columnist, E.J. Dionne Jr. – who sits on a perch of moral indignation, is dismayed that California voters rejected two big ballot initiatives.

Prop 82 – the Rob (The meat-head) Ryner initiative would have created a universal pre-school program for every 4-year old crumb cruncher in California.

Now, no one knows how much money this would have cost, but we do know The Meat-Head spent $23 Million of tax payers dollars promoting it.  With much of the money going into his Hollywood ad agencies bodies pockets, which was supposed to be paid for by raising taxes on the rich, and 61% of the California voters voted it down.

To Mr. Dionne’s astonishment, 53% of voters also kicked a $600 million dollar library bond issue to the curb.  Mr. Dionne clearly flummoxed – said “progressives have a lot to think about. But one thing that remains, a deep skepticism about government spending even for the best purposes.”

Voters in five California counties also rejected sales tax increases.  Which were mostly funded to pay  transportation projects.  “The tax-on-tax spend may be old and tired,” says Dionne, “but they still have force.”

Dionne advises Liberals to target programs to the poor instead of creating universal entitlement. 

Typical.  Refuse to learn – belt way elitists garbage.

Tax-n-spend doesn’t sound old and tired to those that pay the taxes E.J.  Goliath government programs never work, and they always cost more than Liberals say they will.

Here is a good rule of thumb for you E.J, and all of the rest of the Liberals out there:  When you’re dismayed about election outcomes. You can bet the voters did the right thing.

And that’s the memo


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