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June 13, 2006

An Object Lesson

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An objection lesson in liberal fairness – that’s that subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

In the June 1 L.A. Times, columnist Thomas Freedman, executed a hit on General Motors.  In a 800-word column Freedman said American would be better off if Toyota took over GM. 

He accused GM of buying votes in Congress and supporting terrorists.  Freedman claimed the company was a serious threat to America’s future.  And labeled GM as a ‘Cooperate Crack Dealer.’ 

In response to this slander, General Motors V.P., submitted a letter to the editor totaling 490 words.  It was rejected.  The Times said it was too long – that they only except 175 words. That’s after the newspaper ran several letters agreeing with Freedman of close to 500 words.

After a lot of back and forth, the Times finally offered GM 200 words. 

Now in the letter, GM extended an invitation to Freedman to visit.  To learn how the company was working to reduce America’s oil consumption.  The Times chopped that out.

Also cut was GMs assertion that falsely accused the cooperation of buying votes was irresponsible. 

But the biggest argument came over GM calling Thomas Freedman’s accusations  rubbish.

The Times editor said the word “rubbish” didn’t fit the tone of letters the paper excepts.

Well, accusing GM of helping terrorists, bribery, and calling them Crack dealers, yea that’s fair. But GM calling those accusations rubbish, well that’s not allowed.

Maybe America will be better off if al Jazeria just bought the Times and made it official.

And that’s the memo.


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