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June 11, 2006

Environmentalists vs. Eminent Domain

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When Hollywood celebrities get involved with environmentalists – the law takes a back seat – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo. 

In the 1980’s Los Angeles, using eminent domain, seized 14 acres owned by developer Ralph Horwitz.  They paid him $ 4.8 million dollars.

Plans to build a trash incinerator fell through when the largely black (that’s African-American to you politically correct people) community objected.

So the city turned the property over to the regional food bank, which allowed people to set up plots for gardens.

Now, in 2003 Horwits sued the city to get his property back.  He got it back after paying $5 million dollars.  Now he wants to put a large warehouse on the site, which has 350 garden plots on it, or sell it for $16 million dollars.

That decision has set off a confrontation between the gardeners who were described in the press as “newly arrived Hispanics,” (that’s Mexicans for you politically correct) the developer and busy-body Hollywood celebrities. 

They are all battling over this now.  The gardeners went to court to fight eviction – they lost; the fund raiser did not generate enough money so Hollywood elites are taking up the cause.

Danny Clover showed up, urged the gardeners to stay put.  Daryl Hanna, Joan Baez,   Martin Sheen, Ed Begley Jr. bicycled up.  A bunch of environmental wackos are camping out as well.  The newly arrived gardeners are vowing to ignore the eviction order.

Now, these Hollywood types could invite these newly arrived gardeners to set up gardens at their houses, their big plantations.  Or they can just pay the asking price.  Perfect  lesson on compassion.

From liberal elites – help the little guy by encouraging him to break the law again.

And that’s the memo


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