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June 9, 2006

al-Zarqawi is DEAD!

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When al-Zarqawi was taken out with the help of  two 500lb American bombs, there was celebration in many quarters, but maybe you noticed, as I did, the absence of familiar themes from Democrat party leaders – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo

I was expecting to see some consistency from these Democrats and their fringe-kook base.  For instance, John Murtha, the de-facto leader of the anti-war House Democrats, praised this effort.  That’s News!

If he were consistent, he should have reminded us we have already lost this war in Iraq.  Our Military is broken.  Our weapons are in shotty shape – as he has done until now.

Nancy Poloci should have praised Murtha for speaking ‘truth to power.’ 

Ted Kennedy called his vote against going to Iraq  ‘his best vote of his carrier’ – where was he?

Pat  Lahey, John Kerry, Dick Durban, – they should be calling for an investigation right now!

In the most troubling aspect of this operation – the Intelligence.  Was it obtained from torture, mistreatment from captured terrorists?  Did we violate terrorists ‘rights’ by wire tapping them without warrants? 

A woman and child were in that house with Zarqawi – was this another atrocity committed by our troops?

Michael Burg, father of Nick Burg be-headed by Zarqawi; he blamed Bush not Zarqawi.

And where was Cindy Sheanan and the rest of the kook-fringe left?

This is simple – if elected Democrats won’t stand up for the terrorists and their moment of grief – who will?

And that’s the memo


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