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June 1, 2006

The Kooks were out on Memorial Day

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Speaking the Truth to kooks – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

On Memorial Day, while many of us were honoring our fallen solders, about 150 fringe anti-war kooks tried to enter the port of Olympia in Washington State.

A military ship, carrying supplies for our troops in Iraq, was on its way to the port where “activists”, as the ‘drive-by-media’ calls them, were protesting.

But they support the troops, you know.

The kooks rocked the chain linked fence at the ports entrance.  Some of them wheeled wooden boards attempting to break in. Police in riot gear had to fire pepper spray.

Following day, more kooks showed up, and police were pelted with bottles and rocks.  Twenty people were arrested after tearing down a gate lying on the ground, and defying police orders to leave.

Now what are we to make of this speckle?  Does anyone remember the national brew-ha-ha over port security a few months back?

Well, here is one of our nations vital ports under violent siege for days.  First responders under attack – and we haven’t heard a word from the esteem leaders of the Democratic party – who never fail to remind us that they support the troops.

Where is the video of the police being pelted by these fringe radicals at one of our vital ports?  You won’t see it played endlessly on drive-by-media outlets and you won’t hear a peep from liberal Democrats.

Because as much as they insist that the war in Iraq is unpopular, even more unpopular to the American people are the antics of violent anti-military, and yes, anti-American activists.

That is called “speaking truth to kooks.”

 And that’s the memo.


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