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May 25, 2006

Supreme Court Throws out Long Standing Constitutional Right

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Last June, 5 un-elected Supreme Court Justices,; Stevens, Kennedy, Soutter, Bryer, Ginsburg, threw out a Constitutional guarantee, as old as our nation, it’s the infamous Keyload decision – that's the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

In less than a year, many Americans have had their private property seized, and handed over to a third party that the government deemed more worthy. 

Now, in Hercules California, a San Francisco suburb has taken this legal evil a step further.  This week, the city of Hercules voted to seize 17 acres from Wal-Mart to prevent them from building a store. 

This latest attack on Wal-Mart is of course a front in the Democrats war to destroy the company at the benefit of organized labor. 

But there is another element in this latest Blitzkrieg:  Bigotry has raised its ugly head here.  Listen here to this excerpt from a San Francisco Cronical story about the land seizer:

I don’t want to have anything ghetto around me and my family’ said Monique Howell, 25, who 18 months ago paid $652,000 for a two-story Craftsman style home.”  Unclear in the article is who or what Mrs. Howell considers ‘ghetto.’  Would it be the employees of Wal-Mart? Or those of different skin-tones?

Bigotry on display in this liberal suburb is over showed only by the brazen use of law to squash economic freedom.

Hercules actions mirror those of despites and tyrants – the town may as well be run by Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro or Robert Mugobbie. 

But blessings of course from the liberal wing of the Supreme Court.

 And that’s the memo.


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