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May 21, 2006

Mexico responds to Bush and his Border Policy

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Illegal Mexicans declare war on the U.S. – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

The Mexican Government has responded to the U.S. Immigration proposals, despite the amnesty, aka, ‘the Guest Worker Provisions’ in the bill – Mexican officials say that if it becomes law they will file suit in our courts.

Mexico’s threat to take us to our own courts over our laws in our own country, was issued before the Senate voted to build a new border fence.  That vote sent Mexican legislators loco (that’s Mexican for “out of their minds’)   They slammed the measure, and Mexico’s President Fox, for being conspicuously silent. 

The Drive-by-Media, sought reaction from the Mexican street, 21-year-old Juilo Sajiaiar Hoiliao Guiticharious, planning to swim across the Rio Grande to Texas, said ‘there is so many of us most with families with roots in the U.S., there never going to stop us from crossing.  We’ll dig under the wall.  We’ll go over the wall.  If the authorities want a war we will fight.’

And you liberals wonder why we need the Guard down there.

Well, here is the immigration story of the day.  No, probably the week:

From South Hampton, New York, a Honduran teenager faces deportation after being charged with steeling an anti-immigration protest sign.  Joel Martinez, 19 was arrested on charges he stole the sign outside a 7-11 store, where day-laborers seek work.  The store has been the scene of protests supporting stricter support of immigration laws.

While he was in custody, Immigration Authorities determined that he entered the country illegally last year through Texas.

So I guess, my Amigos, this really does mean war. 

And that’s the memo


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