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May 18, 2006

The Drive By Media strikes again.

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Rush Limbaugh  and ‘The Drive By Media’ accused for McCarthyism of the 50’s – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

Sometime last week, the media elates held a panel discussion at a Texas Christian University  – “Bob Sheifer School of Journalism.”   During the Q&A an angry student took the opportunity to accuse Rush Limbaugh of his objectivity of the TV media and newspapers of being the “Drive by Media.”  He suggested that what Rush as doing is the same thing that McCarthy did in the 50’s, causing incredible damage to the news.

Well flash forward to the recent US Today story of the NSA procuring tens of millions of phone records from three major companies; BellSouth, Verison and AT&T.  The implication is that the NSA is spying on you without warrants or legal authority. 

Well, BellSouth has now completed an investigation.  They found that there has been no contact with the NSA.  A spokesman said they are confident that they turned over no phone records. 

This announcement was followed by Verison, who said their company doesn’t provide any government agency unfettered access to customer records.

Now, these details did not make the US Today story.  The paper asked BellSouth to respond.  One day before the story ran.  One day.  On a story they admit they were working on for months.  It was released on the week that Michael Haden, who ran the NSA program, was nominated for CIA Director.

So it appears here that we do have a Drive-by-Hit gone bad.  Innocent reputations were sprayed by another McCarthy-like accusation which should cause incredible damage to the political assassins posing as journalists.

The Hate-Bush-Squad; the Drive-by Media strikes again – which is why they keep striking out.

And that’s the memo


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