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May 16, 2006

The Presidents Border Speech

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Despite the Presidents speech, there is growing opposition to tighten control over the border – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.
Six states have joined a foreign government to oppose American law.  New rules take effect in 2008 to requiring that people who enter the U.S. from Canada have passports or high-tech ID cards. 
Congress passed a law two years ago, so nobody can say they didn’t know what was coming.  Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont,  New Hampshire, Connecticut and Maine have joined five Canadian Providences in opposition. 
They  complain that passports cost one-hundred dollars, ID card cost fifty-dollars, they claim that requiring people to produce a passport or a ID card would create bureaucratic nightmares, damage trade, devastate life in border towns. 
The Canadians, along with six of our states, are demanding that Congress put the plan on hold and come up with some less disruptive way to manage the borders.
Now it was not all that long ago that the media drove some people (and you know who you are) into a literal frenzy when a Duebi Company was going to manage a few terminals at American ports – some of them in the Northeast. 
We got complaints that security will be tightened along the border, over 5,000 miles long, that 300,000 people cross every day – (it’s a pours border by-the-way) that terrorists try to penetrate in at least one unsuccessful attack that we know about.
So what gives here? 
Are you people serious?  You know who you are.  You serious about National Security or not? 
Never mind – we all know the answer…and you’re not.

And that’s the memo.


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