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May 14, 2006

The NSA is doing its job, despite the liberals.

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Another “Drive-by-Media” spectacle fueled by phony beltway  politicians on the NSA doing its job – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

Now, its about data mining phone records.  A traffic analysis.  Not phone taps.  Not listening in on to everyone information.  Al Queda and their partners remain the targets.

But the fringe kook-left remain outraged, since detailed of the first NSA operations were leaked to the terrorists, courtesy of the New York Times, are over the top with U.S. Today’s rehash. 

Now, in the midst’s in this latest frenzy, a new report by an intelligence committee in Britain, says their government should have been aware that the terrorists who attacked the subway there last year, killing 52 people.

British home secretary, John Reed, revealed that the bombers, who attacked the transit system, were in touch with somebody in Pakistan just before striking.  It turns out they were not being closely watched.

In pre- 9/11 America, suspected terrorists calls were not monitored in real time.  Legal document were prepared for the FISA Court, applications were filed.  By the time decisions were made the terrorists calls were long over.

So, President Bush, acting well within the Constitution, ordered the NSA to wire tap calls to and from suspected terrorists overseas, without warrants.

Terrorists would not be the wiser, and would not know anything about this, IF the New York Times had not leaked information about the program.

Now the guy who ran that NSA Wire Tap program, Michael Haden, is now up for CIA Director.  The liberals are threatening to grill him and Bush over the NSA Spy Program. 

Now given the news from London, they should be congratulating both of these guys, and get over their election year posturing.

And that's the memo


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