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May 8, 2006

Two Supreme Judges speak out

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Two Supreme Court Justices, both Clinton appointees, have been speaking in public and their opinions off the bench are as telling as on it – that the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.
Justice Ruth Bater Ginsberg – former member of the ACLU, which polices everybody, says she is frightened by a congressional proposal to provide better oversight of Federal Courts.  The Republican measure would create an Inspector General to report judicial misconduct of The Justice Department. 
Justice Ginsburg told an audience of lawyers that the idea is scary.  ‘Like that of the old Soviet Union.’  She complained that the ‘judiciary is under assault.’  She wants lawyers to stick up for judges when Congress criticizes them.
Perhaps madam justice should stop focusing on foreign law, and instead examine America’s Constitution.  If she did, she’d discover Congress has oversight of the federal courts.
And by the way, the Constitution does not grant knighthood to lawyers to protect judges from criticism.
Madam justice, the peasants and their elective representatives are allowed to criticize  you.  It’s in the First Amendment.  Check it out – for a long as it lasts.
Meanwhile, at a law school luncheon, Justice Bryer  declared ‘democracy has boundaries or rails and we the Supreme Court – we are the Boundary Patrol’.  Bryer also said that ‘the Constitution creates a structure, that lets citizens govern themselves, and decide what kind of society they want.’ 
Yea, okay fair.  But when they do, you liberals on the court over rule them.  Besides you are not the Boundary Patrol, your job is to interrupt  the Constitution.
Justice Bryer, if you really want to patrol boundaries, try the U.S. / Mexico border – we need more law and order types like you to patrol down there.

And that’s the memo.


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  1. Sounds good on paper (or my screen). The problem is that these people have reached a point in their careers where the only thing that matters to them IS their careers, and the people who bought their way in. I mean their sponsors. They believe that they are above common law, and they no longer need to speak to or for the common person. They have completely lost insight as to the service they perform…

    Yes, someone DOES need to police them – they just don’t like the attention they’re getting…

    Comment by watercooler — May 8, 2006 @ 3:20 am | Reply

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