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May 3, 2006

Carving Up Iraq

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After all the work Iraq has done to be a unified nation, along comes Joe Biden who calls for carving up Iraq – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points Memo.
In a previous blog article I posed an article on the hard bigotry of the liberal mindset.  It sees us defeated in war, distains the competitive drive, wipes out achievement ideals and torpedoes aspiration, all the while preaching victim hood.
And now along comes Joe Biden with a oped in the New York Times:  Biden and co-author Leslie Gelb, Council on Foreign Relations – they want to carve up Iraq.  They advocate a decentralized Iraq, which would divide Iraq into three separate regions.  One Soonie, one Shiite and the other Kurdish.  This would supposedly unify the country.
Now, we have sent this before – it was done here.  We were a supposedly a unified nation – separate but equal.  We called it ‘segregation.’  In Africa it was called a ‘parthe.’  And let's not forget India where Muslims and Hindus were unified under ‘partition.’
That worked swell.  India and Pakistan, the work of partition, still at each others throats.
Iraq has finally their new government in place.  Their leaders are working toward unifying the country.  Constitutionally.  Not ethically or along religious lines.  They aspire to be one nation, not three.
Their not defeated.  If anything, each day brings the terrorists closer to defeat.  Iraqis are working to achieve a prosperous safe nation competing on the worlds stage.
And what do they get from Joe Biden, who wants to be the Democrat nominee?  They get pessimism.  They get stratigery for failure. 

Which means he would be the perfect Democrat to represent his party.

And that's the memo.


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