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April 28, 2006

ABC News under fire for Prime Time segment

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To be egregious or not egregious – that the subject of today’s Talking Point’s memo.

In December of 2002, ABC recorded hundreds of hours of video of the Nelson Family in Lake Placid New York.  Now ABC recently aired that footage including this: Kelly Nelson, 14, arguing with her dad, Joe, who lunged at her and punched her five times, while kneeling on her.

So who did ABC News report this to in 2002 when they filmed it?


Prime Time Producer David Sloan, said “I don’t think we did the wrong thing.  We spent a long time on this.  We consulted experts.  We looked at it ourselves.  We looked at the totality and the circumstances, and we didn’t see anything egregious.”

Yea, they consulted experts.  Sloan says that none of these experts said anything about contacting the cops.  But the Lake Placid D.A., thinks the matter should have been brought to the authorities, because ABC shelved the tape for so long that the statute of limitations ran out.

After airing the episode, ABC, put the girl, now 18, on Good Morning America,; where she said she forgave her dad, and asked the network to stop airing the tape. 

And they agreed.

Though viewers were outraged over the taped beating, ABC News wasn’t.  The other media outlets were not.  They don’t see anything egregious when a kid is beaten. 

No, their egregious is saved for terrorists being interrogated.  Not beaten – but humiliated.  At Club Gitmo or Abugrhab.

That’s egregious to the main stream media.  And no, they will never stop showing those pictures.

And that the memo.


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