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April 26, 2006

The Plight of Mary McCarthy

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Mary McCarthy, The Washington Post, and the Democratic Party have committed treason – that’s the subject of today’s Talking Points memo.

CIA Intelligence moll, Mary McCarthy was fired for leaking classified information about secret prisons used on the War on Terror to Washington Post reporter Dana Priest.  Ms Priest later won a Pulitzer for it. 

Now this was one of many political motivated leaks to the media (or Drive-by-Media to use a Rush Limbaugh term) about military operations, and programs while we are at war.

McCarthy was Special Assistant to President Clinton, and Senior Director for Intelligence Programs at the Clinton White House.

When George Bush assumed office, McCarthy was held over; later to return to the CIA.  Ms McCarthy is also a Democrat contributor, making a $2,000 contribution donation to John Kerry’s failed campaign.

McCarthy was busted after failing multiple polygraph tests.  This means she lied after being confronted, and kept on lying until finally admitting unauthorized contacts with the media.

Mary McCarthy and The Washington Post,  successfully undermined the Bush Administration, and this countries ability to wage war on our enemies. 

CIA head porter Goth himself said ‘the damage has been very server in our capabilities to carry out our mission to interrogate and detain terrorists in secret.’

Now this leak has nothing to do with Iraq, it’s about our war on al Qaeda terrorists. Democrats say they are all for that.  McCarthy is the forth Clinton National Security figure to assault the Bush Administration after Joe Wilson, Sandy Burger, and Richard Clark, all three of whom she worked.  And McCarthy may not be the last.

What we are dealing with here is a culture of treason.  Inside the CIA.  Inside the media. And yes, inside the Democratic party.

And that’s the memo


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